Wednesday, March 14, 2007

PK Field Of Battle playtest

Piquet Field Of Battle arrived in my hot little paws and I set up a quick 10mm Malburian bash (16 Austrian units vs 21 French) to try them out after an initial read through.
Rather impressed with fastplay nature of rules and the new Initiative & Sequence Decks are good. Plays faster than PK Cartouche but does lack some of its tactical nuances, although in the end the result is very similar and arrived at much quicker. Movement is fluid with all units able to interpenetrate one another even in contact(this took a bit of getting used too). Combat is standard PK die-type scale but results are much quicker as morale built into combat outcomes. Nice system of winning Even throws having beneficial outcomes very slick. Overall I realy liked these rules (despite being tad pricey) only downside is rather 'cheap & tacky' nature of the Card decks and the QRS. Cant wait to try these out with SYW stuff at some point.
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