Friday, April 13, 2007

PK Field Of Battle game

Played a Piquet Field Of Battle game with my 13yr old son. A smallish encounter between Austrians (moi) and French (offspring). Austrians had 3 Inf Brigades and a 1 Cav brig vs 4 French Inf Brigs (I of elite Irish and 1 of Militia) with 1 Cav brig. PKFOB is very fast playing and streamlined by very fun to play with plausible outcomes. Steven was rather aggressive with his greater numbers but made a mistake charging with his Pistol Cav (as they need a melee card to conduct melee) and found them shot to pieces by my Inf. His additional Brig had poor move rolls and never got into the action. My own Cav had a similar rush of blood to the head charging the Irish (albeit when they were in column) but got off lightly (despite Irish managing to deploy) and managed to rout one Irish Regt. French losses overall drained their APs (23 French vs a mere 15 Aust) and they failed theit first Army Morale test big style giving Austrians the field.

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