Thursday, October 04, 2007

Dbmm 400pts Islamic Berber vs Feudal Spainsh

Dbmm game 28th Sept 07 at Stephens

I used his Islamic Berbers vs Spainish to try out a Spear based army.
Spear dome quite well especialy in defense against Knights but are rather poor on own turn as lose back ranks and therefore have difficulty killing anything but are vulnerable to doubling. Losing only a single rank is a bonus though.
A Cmd of SpO fought Knights and eventually succumbed but mainly by their being ouflanked.
A Cmd of SpI fought Spainisg Aux and Ps and done rather well.
However the Berber Light horse suffered from enemy mounted and Berber Christian allies were overwhlemed by oppossing knights.

Again another fun game with lots of decisive action.

Stephen convinced Spear armies are redundant. I agree for an open style competition but not for themed comps or near historical match-ups.
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