Thursday, November 15, 2007

DBM3.1 400pt Game

DBM3.1 game using Eastern Frankish vs Hindu Indian

My Knights vs Elephants (not a great matchup) a close game fpr a long while but ultimately the Elephants got to grips and my Knights died in droves.

Used 3.1 for a change and overall they now pale compared to Dbmm.

Moves to slow and fiddly, and some awful stuff ref 1/2 base shifts to line-up and recoils causing death zones and HI unable to followup into contact with LHI.
On plus side the combat gradings/factors/outcomes are a lot easier than Dbmm but lack the decisive nature of newer set.

Still a decent set of rules and probably more balanced as a comp type set (ie more viable army types) but just not as much fun.
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