Monday, August 16, 2010

DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Abbassid

Dbmm v2 game using Maurikian Byzantine (with Heraclius as brilliant General) versus Stephens Abbassids. A very enjoyable game (despite usual awful result) with a charge by the Byzantine Kavallori lead by Heraclius (using brilliant stroke) which worked killing two 'b******d' ArtO and couple Sp/Bw but as usual the 'big wedge' is unwieldy and gets outflanked eventually. Nomad ally outflanked on Abbassid right but rolling a 6 on first attempt made a brilliant stroke and flank attack stratagem tad redundant !

Half decent photos this time as camera to hand

Overview of initial turn
Battle for dune (brown bit) forming
Abbassid CvS form to face Nomad outflank
Heraclius forms up for charge with his mates
The b*****ds and supports
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