Friday, August 13, 2010

DBMM Sassanid vs Late Imperial Roman

Dbmm game today using Sassanids (I am a sucker for punishment) versus Stephen's Late Imperial Roman (with those sodding ArtF). As always the Romans obtained almost perfect terrain set-up as defender. Managed to get my KnX and CvS into his Blade but with rear supports its an uphill struggle. Speaking of which charging uphill into supported AxS was forced upon me but again a tough situation. ArtF pinged away and killed 2 CvS and 1 KnX in addition to usual recoils. With Inept Irregulars every Pip counts. A good game but Persians succumbed 23-2 in end.....................................

iPhone pics again so not great

Romans moving between large wood and rough hill.
My arch nemesis in action with Sassanids advancing toward him
Moorish flank march arrives watched by our biggest fan (groan)    
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