Thursday, September 16, 2010

Field Of Glory

Played a small game (using starter armies on smaller board) of Field Of Glory Ancients last night with old mate Keith at his friend Roberts' abode. Preparation for a small competition on Saturday 25th (I am free for once) at local club. I used Galatians versus Keith's Seleucids and actually managed to win !! maybe I have been playing with wrong rule set !!
Was surprised how much of the rules I recalled although of course greatly helped by having two blokes who play every week using FOG. I did however manage to point out a mistake they were making with stepping forward into contact.
Second game between Keith and Robert was different affair as Seleucids faced off against Parthians with lots of horse archers units. I still dislike how light horse/steppe armies are treated in FOG (an exercise in frustration in many ways) but its a design choice of course.
Overall I found FOG to be enjoyable my only real problems being understanding how to conform in certain circumstances and oddities of some charge/evade interactions.
I still prefer DBMM as a fuller more exciting game but I think I am less adverse to FOG than I was before and good pre-cursor to using FOG Renaissance I hope.
No pictures as I forget camera/phone......d'oh.
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