Saturday, September 25, 2010

Galatians in the FOG

Saturday now and FOG Ancients competition at Ulster Wargames Club. Three very fun games played against three nice bloke opponents. Two losing draws, against Selecuids and Romans (very narrowly !) and a thumping by Carthaginians. Terrain placement in this game is a farce but did not detract from experience. Dice rolls from sublime to ridiculous. Very few rule queries arose (practice game last week really helped) and usual suspects regarding situations with number of bases involved in Impact Combats and my ongoing confusion with non-straightfoward conforms. Didn't come last either which was a bonus.

Must confess felt a tad guilty enjoying this so much and was spotted by a couple of visiting DBMMers !! :-)

iPhone photos so lacking a bit of clarity

Against Selecuids

A pretty Carthaginian army

Men against boys (Xyston Romans) !!

More big children having fun (trust me they are, appearances can deceive !) with their toys
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