Wednesday, November 17, 2010

King Of The Battlefield rules & WSS

Another solo effort with another set of rules this time King Of The Battlefield. A real fastplay set that would definitely suit large numbers of units (possibly double or thrice what I had here !) as most units die on 2 hits. Fast but very enjoyable with all shooting and melees resulted as morale tests yielding Wavers or Routs. Very few factors involved and centre two pages of rules are essentially the QRS to which rest of thin booklet is further explanation. Combat system emphasises need for reserve/multiple lines which is a good thing. Cavalry vs cavalry melees are interesting with initially involved units able (starting with defender) to sequentially re-inforce the melee with other in range horse units which can lead to several units in a large melee. The eventual loser though can see several units rout and even if a draw both sides are forced to retire from each other with backs to enemy again allowing any suitable reserves to possibly exploit such a tempting target.
I was pleasantly surprised how well these rules worked. Only caveat is some of the rules need a bit more explanation but was easily sorted by quick questions and answers on the relevant Yahoo group. Rules termed as 18th Century set but really geared for SYW but easily tweaked for WSS by allowing more Horse to use Pistol (counting as Close Range Skirmish fire) and adjusting relative weights of various Horse and disallowing inclines for foot movement. Includes a point system and a few optional rules (Orders, Rout Recovery, Commander variety).

Clash of lines (Imperial on left)

Horse melee starting near village (Red counter is routed French Yellow for 1 Waver)      

Good old Prussians advancing ahead as ever

French wavering after Imperial volleys (Yellow markers)

French horse face off against Imperial Foot and Horse on right wing

Hilltop view of a French General  

Snakes eye view of French lines with Garde Francais and Maison Du Roi nearest

Imperial Curassier engage Swiss

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