Friday, November 05, 2010

Lasalle first game

Played first game using Lasalle rules today at Stephen's using his Russians circa 1812 against Boney's Grand Armee types. A very good game in which we managed to complete a full 14 turns despite several interruptions and having to double check rules etc. Forces were core plus one pick from Army Builder lists which had good troop density with 15mm figures on a 6' x 4' table. A really good set of rules that play very smoothly and clearly written allowing us to easily find resolution to any queries or problems. A minor but very significant point is the inclusion on the QRS of relevant rule page numbers.
Game saw Ivans defending but setting up second (due to home field advantage) on a fairly open terrain but with a Currassier brigade as off-table reserve against a French Infantry Division type which has 4 Cavalry units on board from start. Ivan Infantry destroyed almost entirely but army still stoically hung on (writing on wall for them in big bad letters though !).
Just like Sam Mustafa's Might & Reason rules these are great fun and easy to pick up and play.
Looks like my new years resolution will be to paint up  the Prussians.............................

iPhone pics again

French Deployment

French left wing

A Russian Currassier units arrives

Action near centre

Russian attack column hit Swiss attack column

Russian gun line

Russian guns engage oncoming French attack columns

Russian forced to form square by cavalry approach now in danger from Infantry charge

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