Monday, December 27, 2010

Dbmm Early Crusader vs Burgundian

Played game today vs Stephen trying out Early Crusader versus his Burgundian as practice for Cork at end of January (both still trying to decide which armies to take).
Both compact aggressive armies. Burgundians invaded bit all terrain ended up on my side of table and none had any effect on proceedings. Burgundians have lot of BwX and other Bow/Artillery which shot up my foot commands (although it could have been worse) prior to contact. Made mistake giving brilliant General (Bohemond) lowest of 3 Pip dice (and forgetting to use brilliant stroke to change dice) which slowed his Knight command. Dismounted knights quite effective as BdS but iSpI outclassed. My two large Infantry commands both went disheartened then broken in succession ending game as 23-2 to Burgundians. As ever a good game. An old friend and opponent from 7th edition/Early DBM days attended and watched game and is off to check out lists and rules.

The two compact armies arrayed (Crusaders on left)

The Crusaders

Burgundian right wing

The BwX nasties
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