Saturday, January 15, 2011

DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Buyid

Another Dbmm game played on Friday evening versus Stephen. As change from endless Munster practice games we decided to try a couple of different armies. I took the Maurikian Byzantines and Stephen a Buyid army. Another very good and enjoyable game with the compact Byzantines against a really large Buyid array. I sent a small Arab Nomad command on a flanking march and again it arrived at first opportunity (this is getting to be a habit !) However this time it worked ok as my double based Kavallorii were able to get into support quickly. I held up the massed Buyid auxilla foot in centre (on and between 2 SH as usual) with mainly Lh and my Skutatoi defended my right anchored on a BUA (I really must get some period buildings). A push and shove battle all along the line with neither of us gaining any clear advantage. In fact this turned into the least bloody game of Dbmm I have played. I lost 8 elements and Stephen only 8 !! Amazingly only one 6:1 in whole game and that non crucial. We both seemed to consistently roll high or low together. In points terms it ended as a 13:12 result in Buyids favour only by virtue of them being invaders however with a few more turns (at 0045hrs we called it), my Nomads would most likely have broken (lucky not to in last turn surviving three hard flanked combats !!) and having nothing left to fill gap would have allowed superior Buyid numbers to tell I suspect.

Initial deployments

Buyid host with their hills

Byzantine Kavallorii deployed behind Light Horse

Kavallorii move to left on first turn  

Light Horse move to slow mass of Buyid foot

Skutatoi guarding right flank

Late in game Nomad in trouble on left hill and Kavallorii unable to get further as blocked by Buyid CvS the push and shove in centre continues

Indecisive clash in centre

Stalemate on right
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