Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lasalle more Prussians take the field

A unit of Landwehr Cavalry and a four gun Foot Artillery Battery finished today (even though I really should have been reading over Dbmm for competition in Munster this weekend !). Black Hat figures again in the main with an Essex howitzer and mounted Command figure. Landwehr done as Pomeranian unit to give bit of colour variety as they wore gray instead of usual blue. Had to buy and cut lances for these chaps and making white & black pennants was tad time consuming but look well with them. Not sure how Prussian guns were painted so followed photos from a few webpages/blogs as guide.
Only 3 Landwehr infantry, 3 Reserve infantry, 2 large Currassier units and a Horse Battery to go for basic Lasalle army, so should be done in couple of weeks.......................not !!

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