Thursday, March 17, 2011

WWII 15mm Playtest of New but really Old rules

Played game today with old adversary David Herron play testing a  set of WWII rules we used 30yrs ago !! David is in process of getting back into gaming and has computerized his old rules (very loosely based on Battle/Op Warboard) and was keen to give them a run through. So I set up an ad hoc game using my 15mm Brits and Germans in a Normandy type setting. Lots of queries arose in game not so much with computerized hard data end of things but with how to class/use cover, ground scale, line of sight and morale issues. After discussion I think we ironed main things out and certainly I think David had lots of food for thought to firm up some initial ideas/concepts. We had Company of Brit infantry supported by a Troop of Shermans (3 M4 and 1 Firefly) against 2 Platoons of Germans supported by a Pak40 and a Tiger. I left out indirect fire stuff like Mortars to keep things bit simple. Despite play testing aspect of the day it was still a fun game with lots of incident. The Tiger brewed 2 Shermans before falling prey to a flank shot at close range from the Firefly.
Infantry firing was fairly deadly especially as in system a hit = a kill rather than a possible morale test (David not a big fan of morale rules in general) or similar but again this lead to us toning down small arms by reducing effective firing ranges and boosting cover effects.

All in all great fun and next game should flow faster at least until we throw Artillery/Mortars into mix !

Dave has initial program/data online at WWII Wargaming ( and has a function for leaving comments.

Lots of pics

Overview of table in midst of turn 2

Brits advance

Germans counter

Bren carriers carry HMGs to vicinity of church

Brit squad decimated and pinned (red dice denotes pinning and rings are casualties)

Sherman advances supported by PBI

Tiger 'Erica' on prowl

Brits occupy the Inn (Or Schloss Adler as it was dubbed)

Firefly 'Mable' advances having dealt with 'Erica'

'Erica' burns but so does victim

Contemporary photo :-)

Pak40 gunners view of Sherman

Soon to die Sherman view of Tiger prowling
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