Saturday, May 28, 2011

FOG Ancients Game Avar versus Carolingian

Played a game using Field Of Glory Ancients as mate Stephen looking some practice games for a competition at end of June (I cant play as working). He used his lovely Carolingian Franks and I used Avars to give a historical opponent. Good game and maybe because we have played FOGR a few times this seemed to play along quickly and smoothly. Both still consider the Ancients set as being tad bland compared to DBMM (or FOGR) but its certainly very playable and less complex. I do miss stuff like weather, inertia (Pip dice) Command Structure and the generally more 'epic' feel of DBMM but FOG is most certainly easier to grasp and play and generates a reasonable game. 

Armies advance to clash point

Carolingian Spearmen with Lancers in support

Avar Light Horse backed by Bulgar Lancers with Slav foot in vineyard 

More Carolingian Lancers

Avars try to flank on right

Avar Cavalry array (These units got minced in combat by Lancers)

Avars spread out on right

The very nice Carolingians (Essex figures)

Carolingian left
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