Thursday, December 01, 2011

DBMM Maurikian Byzantine vs Norman

A 'proper' wargame today against Stephen using another couple of armies we are considering fielding at Munster next month. I used my Maurikian Byzantines and Stephen used a 1066 Norman army (mainly as he has a lot of newly painted figures). A good game and pretty bloody in the end with both sides having a command broken in same turn, but my lot falling by wayside with two turns of pretty awful combat dice.
We discussed pros and cons of the armies in Dbmm (and FOG for some reason) and decided that we should just get back to playing and enjoying the games and not 'worrying' about their merits or otherwise in a competition.

Lots of pics (mainly to show off Stephens new figures)

Norman foot, dismounted Knights ans Crossbowmen 

More dismounted Knights and Breton Cavalry

The Norman Knightly array

Byzantine trained Khazars ready to march to opposite flank

Byzantine Kavallorii ready to impact the Norman foot

Byzantine Optimates in support

The Kavallorii arrayed

Opening moves

Late in game opposing wings have disintegrated

Khazars and Bretons squaring up

Arab allies come to support Kavallorii (after 3 turns sitting unreliable !) 

These also arrived today just after Stephen left but not had chance to even open (for requisite smell test !!) yet.

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