Thursday, December 01, 2011

An interesting departure............first ever RPG !!

Played my first ever role playing game at Stephens tonight with 3 other 'adventurers'. Using Middle Earth role play system (good for me as at least I had a recognizable frame of reference) Continuation of an adventure the others had been playing earlier in the year. I was a Rider of Rohan named Frealof riding his war horse Skallagrim armed with a Spear, Short Sword and a Crossbow (I pictured him as a lesser Eomer). My role play had me as a direct straight talking if somewhat tactless individual (this role was written with me in mind perhaps and requiring minimal roleplay), also a stoic and fearless warrior. A very enjoyable night (not least for social aspect) with an interesting scenario.....sorry adventure...... and some action against a couple of marauding Trolls.
Fantasy type stuff not my forte or preferred option but definitely a fun game and a nice diversion from 'proper' wargaming plus who doesn't like Lord Of Rings universe. System quite intuitive to play but lots of table cross referencing involved to generate actions, monsters etc. Glad to see we used miniatures to represent our alter egos especially helpful when it came to combat as aid to visualizing relative positions of characters and actions. Since I like wargames to have a narrative type structure or background it was easy to enjoy a game based primarily on this aspect. I guess I essentially role play to an extent in most wargames anyhow whether consciously or unconsciously (I really must stop shouting out loud during games !) so again easy slip into the required 'mode'. Different feel to a game where you represent a single character as part of a team and without massed ranks or units. Bit like a very low level skirmish game.
Hopefully the rest of the chaps enjoyed (endured ?) my participation and look forward to continuing the saga. Not so sure I would continue to blog about as not a big visual feast but maybe key incidents might inspire me  to.

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