Thursday, January 12, 2012

Another SYW game with Minden Rose rules

Had another outing with Minden Rose rules today at Stephens with Prussians and Russians going at it again. We realized we had done a couple of things wrong last time (only 'major' error was units recovering from Disorder far too easily) and we added a couple of minor house rule/clarifications such as restricting Artillery targets so no concentration of batteries and deciding that units can only make a single manouevre each turn (not specified clearly in rules) which seemed more in keeping with the period than our last game. Once again a very fun game with this set of what amount to straight forward, streamlined and fast playing rules that retain decent period flavour and yet easily tweakable if so desired. Writing could be a bit tighter in places but nothing occurs that common sense and reasoning cannot sort out.
Several others sets to try but I can see us coming back to these as good for 'bring an army and have a quick fun game of an evening/afternoon'.   

Russians deployed (rings denote Infantry 1st Volley bonus unused)

Prussians (beads denote 1st Volley bonus unused)

Prussians occupy town

Prussian left wing

And their right wing 

Advancing Prussian Brigade (green counters denote Disorder) backed by Artillery

And sweeping left wing Infantry and Horse

Russian Left wing at start
And with some disorder caused by Prussian guns

Russian right wing pushes forward

Russian center on hilltop

Russian Horse on right wing 

Russian left at deployment

Oh and almost forgot ! this arrived but no time to check it out yet !!

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