Thursday, February 23, 2012

DBMM Minoan versus Hittite

Played another DBMM game (we seem to be a on a roll with this again) today at Stephens. Used a nice historical match-up with my 'have not seen the light of day in ages' Minoans against Stephens'  'aarrgghh bright light ! bright light!' Hittites.  Have not used these armies since version 1 of Dbmm and they both need a bit of a re-jig but twas a fine game once more. My Spearmen (with a few bow in support) took up central position on a hill nicely flanked by difficult terrain with my Chariots on their right. My third small Chariot command was delayed off-table (with a maximum 3 commands in this army not a optimum idea maybe). Hittites had 3 Commands with a Gascon ally command. Hittites had usual mix of Warband and Pike Fast foot but were reticent to take my Spearmen on uphill, I of course failed to stay on said hill !! 
Game was decided when my faster Chariots (KnF) failed in massed charge against slower Hittite versions (KnO) and then broke when their General fell to a 6:1 !! The delayed Command arrived just as this happened but too late to save the day. I then in all or nothing charged my huge line of Spearmen off the hill into the Hittite foot and Gascon mounted causing some damage but not enough to turn things around. Great game once more with again two rather handsome armies. Sort of unique feel to these 'Biblical' type armies.

Only a couple of pics as batteries went in camera



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