Wednesday, February 08, 2012

DBMM Sassanid vs Alan

Played game at Stephens yesterday evening using yet another iteration (has to be a viable army) from that list against Stephen using the Alan list. Great game with terrain falling quite well for me. In fact as always we discussed that if I had simply sat still there would likely be no game as no flanks for his predominately Light Horse army to attack and not really in Persian best interests to go forward to the more open side of the table. But as its a game we want to play when we get together then none of that nonsense occurred.
As always the Irregular Inept status of the bulk of Sassanid army is major crimp on their ability to manoeuvre.
Weather conditions turned out to be Mud which gave any Knights on table a problem (I had 4 KnX the Alans a command of KnF). Game ended with Alan victory as both my flanks went.

More crappy iPhone pics

Alans engaging Dailami

Elephants wheel (really slowly)

Left flank

Opening moves

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