Saturday, February 04, 2012

No Retreat ! The Russian Front another go.

Had another go with this excellent board wargame at my fathers last night and another great gaming session it was to. After last outings close run thing with Sudden Death victory conditions I decided as Ivans to contest one or two cities during the German 'happy time' in 1941. This worked well as it slowed Hun advance and keep his VP total a few points shy of the required Sudden Death levels. I had a couple of good combat results particularly in Odessa with Exchange results (main points being he cannot occupy the vacated city hex and my ability to re-occupy said vacant real estate). This time my father ignored Leningrad and went all out for Moscow but Ivan reserves and my contesting cities slowed him too much. Again several Exchange results  reduced his combat power (Huns get no replacement for first 5 turns and cost 2 discards to re-fit on table units). By mid-1942 the Whermacht were retiring westward to shorten their lines as Ivans began to gear up for advance. Again had to finish it there (we are getting quicker but still having to look up far to many straightforward rules) and again appetites whetted for more. A really good game this one, simple without being simplistic, highly playable and yet evoking the Ostfront very well.

Of course none of this is helping me paint any figures !!

Crappy iPhone pics

Von Manstein trying to select a strategy in 1941

German offensive has shattered Soviet Western defences (but Odessa still occupied)

Limit of German advance around Smolensk

But a year later and the Germans are pulling back bruised and battered (several units on their 'flip sides') as Soviets gear up for the Great Patriotic Advance (Tank & Shock Armies soon to appear) with Smolensk and Kharkov back in rightful owners possession
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