Tuesday, April 24, 2012

White Star Rising play

Played a game of White Star Rising with my father last night using the initial scenario that I had tried solo to learn rules. Dad took Germans (as always) and found the system very easy to learn and play. Scenario requires Huns to take 3 particular city hexes and they came close taking one, with another emptied of Yanks and other remaining in Yank grip. We both like the uncertainty of the 'chit pull' system to activate formations which combined with 'end turn' markers generates a nicely unpredictable sequence of activations. We used 'Fate' and 'Chaos' rules. Fate allows dice re-rolls or adjustments or similar whilst Chaos is essentially a random events table which saw the US get a P47 in support but in last turn when it made no difference and the Germans get a Officer chit which my Dad 'Wittmanized' by sticking him on the Tiger platoon !
Great fun.

The scenario (which I probably should not copy !)

Game action trying out camera on my new iPad (a very generous gift from my parents)

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