Thursday, May 03, 2012

Blitzkrieg Commander game

A figure game today at last !! seems to have been ages. Game of Blitzkrieg Commander II at Stephens using his 10mm kit again. We played a 'Pursuit' scenario with British chasing a German force ala late summer 1944. In the scenario defender set ups in central third of the table then the attacker chooses end to come on (and can flank march on one flank) the defender can then turn to face the oncoming attackers. Defender wins if breaks enemy or extracts half his units off table. Attacker wins by stopping such a retreat or breaking enemy. Interesting scenario although as it turned out rather easy for the mobile Germans to achieve victory by running off table. Germans had a Panzer Battlion of 3 Panthers a Tiger and a Flak vehicle, an Infantry Battalion (half of which were in Sd251s) and a Battalion with 2 Pak 40s and a Company of Infantry some of which were dug-in. I had 2 Sherman Squadrons (3 x M4 + 1 x Firefly) 2 Infantry Battalions one of which had 3 Churchills in support and 3 Recce Daimlers. An FAC with a bomb armed Typhoon flight completed the attacking force. Stephen set-up in the center and I then choose end to advance from with the combined Infantry & Churchill force flank marching to furthest third of table (suffers a -3 to activate and enter). However hindsight showed that my decision not to appear on flank where the Panzers were situated proved a mistake. I was wary of their potent firepower but as it turned out they were simply able to multi-activate and run off table unmolested (leaving a mere single other unit extraction to achieve victory). I really should have arrived near them to at least contest their progress and allow oncoming supports to threaten their rear. Things not helped by 1 Tank Squadron failing to appear for 2 turns and the other only having single activation's and so only advancing ever so slowly. A single German Infantry Platoon in a trench held up a whole British Infantry Battalion in the center (as I failed with 12 dice to achieve any hits whilst it caused me 2 from 3 dice thereby killing 2 of my bases in contact !!!!). My Typhoon did manage a couple of passes the Battalion dug-in on hill desatroying a Pak40 but not enough to change outcome.
The 10mm stuff is really nice (mainly Pendraken with some Minifig/Perrin Afvs) and really suits the rule set. Despite its obvious abstractions we really like the ease of play of BKC (the combat system very similar to the White Star Rising board wargame I acquired recently).

Panzers begin their skedaddle

Panzer Grenadiers also 

Typhoon strike the hilltop (Churchills and Inf appeared just off to right) 

Tank Squadron starts up road

Two turns later not much further on
Infantry Battalion advances

Another miniatures game booked for 17th and my choice this time but oh what to play ??
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