Wednesday, May 23, 2012

DBMM Western Frankish vs Norman

Played a Dbmm game against Stephen using a hastily assembled Western Frankish army versus his newly painted Normans (circa 1066). A good game with two unmaneuverable armies ! Normans got better of terrain selection but had to set up first. They occupied a large gentle hill with dismounted Knights and Bowmen flanked by a mass of Knights a block of Light Inf in a central wood and more dismounted knights holding a gap between woods and a vineyard. On their left they fielded a large contingent of Breton cavalry (whose general counts as a sub-general) My host comprised a central command of Spearmen with Bowmen and Light Inf in support a large Command under the CinC of Knights with a contingent of  Vikings on my right (whose General also counts as a sub-general) and more Knights with some Light Horse on my left.
I set up at an angle to Stephens deployed army hoping that the one piece of boggy ground on my right (placed by Stephen) could delay the Bretons whilst my two blocks of Knights tried to pierce enemy lines.
As suspected the Bretons moved to flank my line and indeed where delayed a couple of turns by the boggy ground (and low Pip dice). Eventually they did flank my Vikings (whose own Pip dice were unhelpful) but the lowly Viking Bondi did sterling service surviving several combats whilst out numbered. In the center I hurled my CinC command of Knights uphill at the waiting foot but had two shot down and two others killed in close combat !! Stephen brought his own Knights forward and whilst they did not die to my shooting they were forced o flee in columns which really messed with Pip usage. On my left two Knight General and entourage attacked the line of foot at first bouncing off but then breaking through the line and breaking the enemy command. Sadly this coincided with my main Knightly array also breaking. When we called time things were drawn but with my Knights if Pips were kind likely to sweep into enemy rear. Vikings were still fighting valiantly (couple had survived rear attacks) but getting badly out maneuvered by the Bretons. In center my Foot were becoming disjointed and in danger but Stephen still unable to bring all his Knights to bear. An interesting encounter between two fairly evenly matched armies full of Inept (all my non lights were Inept) troops and subject to vagaries of Pip dice. KnF are very fragile troop type susceptible to shooting and getting into trouble with lone follow-ups.

Norman deployment

Western Frankish in the open

Initial advance

Bretons begin their sweep

Norman foot holding hill

Norman Knights

Foot holding gap on Norman right

Frankish Knights who eventually broke through

Frankish foot in center

Bretons advance on Vikings

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