Thursday, August 23, 2012

Friedrich an excellent game

Played this game at Stephens last night as a 4 player bash. Really excellent game with, fast gameplay, good tension in the card based battles, some very clever mechanics and beautiful components.
Whilst in the 'Euro' game mould it still retains a great wargame feel and good historical flavour.
I am tempted to purchase a copy despite it being a 3-4 player game.
We drew nations randomly and I got the French. Prussians have a lot of advantages in numbers of leaders and their card draws but they do need them as a 3 front war develops. The action is fast and furious and battles are a clever combination of card values and suits (only certain suits useable in specific areas of board).
Very very impressed with this game

Really piss poor iPhone pics which do not do the game justice at all.

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