Tuesday, November 20, 2012

4Ground Building Kits

Managed to build the 'flat pack' style buildings and terrain stuff I bought at Warfare by 4Ground (several traders had these in 15mm and 28mm) http://www.4ground.co.uk/
I bought two multi-house packs a pack of walls and one of fencing.
They are MDF laser cuts but coloured (I believe they can be bought plain).
A bit of modelling assembly required but nothing to onerous for my trotters !
Few pics below but not doing them justice as lighting has yellowed image they look much nicer in reality. The fences and walls need some flocking on bases. Bases are designed to interlock for cornering so no corner pieces required.
Walls come with option to have sections damaged.
The houses are 3 storey affairs with ground, 1st and loft levels all of which come apart to allow figures to be physically placed inside.
Nice but am undecided whether to glue together permanently or not ?
Buildings are available in ruined style and these are very nice showing exposed internal floors/levels.
From memory the walls and fence packs were a reasonable £8 per pack (each 1.5m of stuff) the buildings I got were £13 and £20 not bad for 'painted' items.
Mate bought some Eastern Front suitable timber buildings also very nice.
There was also a very nice Church which I regret not buying despite the £30 price tag (it was this or don't eat on way home !!!)
I highly recommend this range of buildings.

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