Sunday, January 06, 2013

Up Front on Vassal

Just finished a very interesting and fun game of Up Front on Vassal with a chap Paul Dunn (contact made through Vassal European Facebook link).
I played as Germans in the basic Meeting Of Patrols scenario versus Americans.
Never used Vassal for this and its easily 10-12 years since I played Up Front (a game I have neglected too long).
But amazing how quickly it came back (mostly) with Pauls help and a jolly nice Vassal module.
I had almost forgotten just how excellent a game this is !!
As always (and just like Combat Commander) lots of incident with this card driven system.
Paul seemed to have a factory producing barbed wire as he hit me some 3 or 4 such cards (represents all sorts of obstacles) and a Stream card.
I lost both my Squad Leaders to his shooting and 2 men to damn Snipers and then he had a couple of big Fire cards that decimated my ranks.
I did kill Yank Squad Leader and one other but conceded game being down to only four remaining Soldaten vs ten Yanks and with one less card in hand (due to leader losses).
Great fun and looking forward to another bash at it (Paul also up for other games so great to have made contact).

Screen capture from within Vassal showing end of game with my 6 man Group A wiped out !

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