Monday, February 18, 2013

Field Of Glory Ancients Version 2 game

Played a game against Stephen today at my gaff using FOG Ancients version 2.
I used a Maurikian Byzantine army with Sassanid allies (mainly so I could try Elephants) against a Dailami army.
A very good game it was too and we both find we enjoy FOG much more than we did with initial version.
We put this down to the tweaks which we feel generate a better game and to the fact we are more akin to FOG systems in general now after using the Rennaissance and Napoleonic sets.
Whilst it still feels to be a lower level game than DBMM, and lacks the inertia system of the PIP dice rolls, its nice to have distinct units rather than groupings of elements.
Pretty much happy to play either set now and as they use the same 'toys' this is fine.
My dice rolling today was fairly abysmal throughout as I lost all but one combat (!!!!) and lost numerous bases to death rolls in contrast to Stephens super rolls in all combats and not one lost base to death roll,   how is that even possible !!!!!
The Dailami foot with General fighting in front rank are rather tough as they are superior to begin with and count Elite with Generals.
I had a unit of Sassanid Cataphracts which died to a man against bloody medium foot bowmen aarrrggghhh !!

Oppossing lines arrayed


Byzantine view of the Dailami 

Battle joined

All further pictures have been censored as just way too terrrible to behold the bloody and gory decimation of the  Byzantines !!!
(plus I forgot to take any more)

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