Thursday, October 03, 2013

Britannia a blast from the past

Played a 4 player game of Britannia last night at Stephens. He has same old Gibson games edition as I have. Great fun. We dealt out the 'faction' colours randomly and I managed to get the purples ie starting with the Romans. I managed a fairly decent invasion and built loads of Forts but couldnt get north to big points locations. The Brigantes (Red 'faction') proved very resiliant and they managed a decent points score early on too (Red also gets the potent Saxons later). We didnt managed to finish the game getting to turn 7 (not bad for a game we have not played for about 20 years !!) but great stuff anyhow with a nice 'Risk' type game.

Couple very poor iPhone pics from Turn 6 (?) when Romano-British replace Romans and the Forts disappear. Saxon and Angle Major invasions about to occur.

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