Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Normandy '44 our D-Day celebration

Played Normandy '44 (GMT) with my Dad as our recognition of the great event back in 1944. First time we have played it face to face and really enjoyed it.
My Dad preferred it to Breakout Normandy (AH) mainly due to the lack of concentration on river crossings.
We played the short 7 turn scenario (although we had to finish at end of turn 4).
But just as in BKN as German defenders he found it a tough old task to hold back the Great Crusade.
He did wipe out the British Airbourne near Cabourg but lost half of Caen at same time.
A gap was forming between Bayeux and Omaha although the arrival of Panzer Lehr would surely stem the flow.
US forces were well established at both Omaha and Utah and were pressing hard to cut of the Cotentin and were poised to assault Carentan.
I had tried this game via Pbem but found it much more satisfying 'live' (a few too many file exchanges in Pbem although would be much better in real-time mode).
Great game even if the situation is not that balanced as such.

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