Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Field Of Glory: Napoleonic - 1813 Young Guard go at it with Russians again..............

Another game of FogN using my new Young Guard units (Autumn 1813 list this time essentially the same just Drilled rather than Conscript and no mounted Grenadiers A Cheval) against Stephens Russians (tweaked a bit from last time but still loads of Artillery pieces).
I got to attack this time allowing me to put pressure on Russian left (Defender cannot advance over center line for 2 turns).
But again the firepower of Ivans is pretty stiff to resist. I exchanged a round of firing with two of my Young Guard foot with a Large Ivan Regiment then charged both in.
But one got shot off by the target and supports and remaining unit suffered 4 hits whilst only inflicting 2 (8 Ivan dice vs 6 French with re-rolled 1s) and also was sent packing.
Another fun game and we learnt quite a few new rules in this game relating to use of Skirmishers main one being that if outside 2" of enemy they can move a half move in any direction making them pretty slippery customers.
We had bit of debate around Cover and Obstacles in relation to Enclosed (ie hedge lined) fields.
Some seeming contradictions in the (rather loose) definitions of these but we came to a mutual agreement how we would play.
We both like this 'Brigade' level of game.

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