Thursday, March 08, 2007

DBM 3.1 Eastern Frankish vs Fanatic Berber

Another (!!) Dbm 3.1 game today with SB (Fanatic Berber). I used Eastern Frankish with Kn(F) and Fn(I) (dismounted as Bd(o)) with Sp(o), Bw(I), Ps(O) some Cv(O) (Saxons) and an Allied Cmd of Slavs (Cv(O) Ax(O) Ps(O)) 400 pts worth with 63 elements split across 4 Irr Cmds. The Berbers were mostly Sp(O/I) backed by Ps , some Ax(I) and numerous LH(O) and a couple of Spainish Knights (El Cid).
I got to invade but Berber terrain selection landed two big Dune areas in my central section causing me some deployment problems.
Essentially my Knights on turn 3 charged as a line of some 13 elements with a couple of Saxons into advancing Berber spearmen (a massed block of 2 cmds). First melees saw 2 vblocks of Sp(O) ko'd and couple of Kns repulsed but when the Sp(I) were attacked they ko'd 6 Kn in short order breaking a whole Cmd !!!!
Next turn the other Kn Cmd was also broken so I had lost 2 Cmds by turn 4 (but rest of army ok as only 20 EEs) and my whole strike force virtually gone................ this flank then degenerated into SB throwing poor Pip dice and have problems moving against the demoralised remanents and lots of his stuff going Impetuous with all the problems inherent in that ! Slavs in Dunes fought some Berber Aux (and came of worst) but my large Inf cmd was hampered by being on flank faced by Lh and poor Pip throws.
In the end Franks conceeded and I faced another inglorious defeat with my Knight army...............................
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