Thursday, May 30, 2024

General d'Armee 2 - Ligny (St Armand) scenario

Another game using GDA2 today at Stephens trying the Ligny scenario from 100 Days supplement.

Tough scenario for attacking French (Stephen) as 4 villages (tough as nails) and defensive cover from fields and streams. 

Prussians (moi) hampered somewhat by having several Recruits and only 3 Brigades on table at start with one other as an on table reserve the other as a reinforcement but both these only activate on turn 6.

We managed 6 full turns (despite waffling about old job memories for over an hour prior to even placing any figures !) and then discussing how to use the 'Now Is Your Time' CinC Tasking as unclear to us at what stage the enhanced shooting occurs (I think it is preemptive but Stephen thought it was in later Volley phase - except for the one lead charging unit). Again not entirely clear from rules as could be interpreted either way.

As one can likely see we clearly enjoy the rules overall but frustrating that most every game throws up a rules problem we struggle to decipher/know how to play due to imprecise wording.

Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ulster Wargames Society - Talavera scenario with General d'Armee 2

UWS meeting today and game with GDA2 set up by Dave S who put in a lot of work bringing all the units (fully labelled), terrain and paraphernalia.

We had 7 players with French led by Mr B with Dave S, Jeremy D and young Mark as attackers and British led by moi with Dave T and Dave B in defence.

Mr B and I sort of umpired as well as others all new to rules.

Great game with lots of incident the highlight being Dave Ts lowly Spanish Cavalry (3 small recruits campaign types) dispersing a column of French foot. They got very lucky as column failed an attempt to form square then lost the charge phase but in combat it was still 5 dice each but French managed only 1 hit to Spanish 3 so imploded.

These plucky/lucky Allies then caused all sorts of problems in amongst the French forcing them into squares and then almost unbelievably defeated some French cavalry !! This incident almost caused a coronary for French CinC and to raise the white flag, throw in the towel, flee the field (mistakenly thinking whole cavalry brigade was retreated/routed/broken) but we managed to talk him out of it/bring him back from precipice.

Said Spanish later suffered from casualty accumulation whole brigade dispersing but by this time potent British cavalry had arrived from reserve (they narrowly failed to destroy a square) and they had more than done their duty.

In center a French foot brigade stormed up the steep slopes (using Post Of Honour CiC tasking) lead by an Elite battalion and forced the withdrawl of opposing British Brigade on three separate occasions (a virtual juggernaut) and were almost on reverse slope but in danger of being isolated as we ended game (with these types of rules is that very hard to fully finish a game).

Initial set up (note British cavalry on right went into reserve as no mounted could cross that hill as rough ground)

Not that they were needed as cowardly French hiding on reverse slope opposite (the sheer cheek especially facing Mr Welseley !!) 

French push on right targeting Spanish on low ground as rest cower like curs

Glorious Spanish mounted thrust into French lines (French cavalry arrive from reserve but where pushed back)

My British on right push forward to try to sting the French into action (their cavalry did come out to play). Note French 'juggernaut' forming and about to storm forward along dry stream bed.

A game of 'two halves'

British basking in sunlight as clouds of doom covered the French (note however French columns storming up slopes) 

French left has been forced to activate after right wing is thwarted

Also at club Paddy. Leslie and Phil played a game based around KG Peipers last stand at La Gleize using Bolt Action (but different activation system ?) and 20mm kit. No idea how this went but lots of tanks visible.

Solo board wargaming interlude - Combat Commander and Liberty Or Death

Had couple of solo sessions with couple of favourite board wargames I have not played in a while.

First up I played through a Combat Commander scenario set around action on 26th June 1944 near Cheux (from Normandy Battle Pack).

This was a cracking game (as it always is with CC) with Huns seeming as if they would run away with game as Time check ate the turns very quickly and they clocked up VPs.

But the Brits managed to turn things around (as can happen in CC) at last gasp with a couple of Melees that done for SS defenders and forced past their Surrender level (the VPs had turned in Brit favour as well with taking of an objective).

I really must get a face to face/live game again with this excellent system.

Early stages with several German units suffering effects of pre-game bombardment

Lots of open ground for British to cross but visibility limited to 5 hexes due Mist so doable

Brits have administered knockout punch in town destroying SS squads and taking lucrative VP location 

Punch was made to village centre but couple of stacks as others held back

Final victory track with Germans reaching surrender level (6) and Brits on 2VP (Huns had been at 10 at one stage)

Afterwards I then set up Liberty Or Death COIN game and am in early throes of this as have forgotten several of its rules/quirks so need some rules revision.

Pity I cannot get 3 other like-minded players for this

Playing full game (1776-1781) and first Winter Quarters card just completed 

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

General d'Armee 2 - Pick up game 1815 French vs Prussian

Another game of GDA2 today using the 'pick up' lists in rules to generate an 1815 game of 5 Brigades each with Stephen (who really likes the rules) using French and I my Prussians.

I decided to use my Divisional and Regimental supports to field several Veteran foot units (allowing my Light Inf to the possibility of skirmishing in open) whilst Stephen used his to field a second Cavalry Brigade with attached Horse Battery.

To start we rolled for Generals and I ended up with a Commissariat (so only 1 CiC Command and French gained an Adjutant) I also rolled 1 Bold and 1 Poor commander the French had 1 Bold.

Had used FOB terrain cards to generate terrain and it was fairly open with only 1 Village (which could be avoided an only a tactical objective (not a Victory location) and a couple of hills and woods on periphery.

I had rather Poor ADCs rolls (again) so ended up with several Hesitant Brigades each turn but still managed to gain Initiative several times (once I rolled 5 dice to Stephens 2 but still managed to win with my 2 lowest !)

We played 5 or 6 turns and main action was between opposing Cavalry Brigades (Infantry never got to grips beyond Skirmishing) with both using Glory (I bounced back Unformed he remained Unformed) 

We both then used the Post Of Honour CiC command and Cavalry clashed again, I managed to win forcing the French to Retreat and Falter.......but (uh oh) CinC managed to die also Faltering my Victorious Brigade (!!) reducing my ADCs by 1 and being replaced by a Blusterer with another ADC loss, even when I win I lose !! using CinC aggressively is of course a risk but French survived Prussians did not (both at risk as fought 2nd round of combat)

We had to finish at this juncture but did not fancy chances of Prussians with only 3 ADC........

French Support Cavalry Brigade pushes forwards with tasking

It is faced by my Reservist/Recruit Brigade (front line units went into square)

A potent support option 

Prussian left flank, I tried to use Redploy to advance here three times but went Hesitant thrice

My Reserve Cavalry have entered battlefield to counter the French mounted support and bounced back from initial clash

Central Prussian brigade (2 Veterans with a battery attached) holds up French, note my Jager able to skirmish in open as Veteran

Opposing cavalry forced to reform prior to reengaging with Post Of Honour charges

Oh look another Hesitant status

And for the Veterans................

Yup you guessed it a third brigade refuses to obey orders 

Bold commander at least obeyed commands

French effort clearly coming from their left (right refusing)


Thursday, May 16, 2024

General d'Armee - Echmuhl(ski) scenario

Another outing for GDA2 using one of the included scenarios Eckmuhl 1809. 

However as neither of us have any Austrians we substituted 1813+ Russians and Prussian units which worked as gaming exercise despite the glaring historical inaccuracy.

We started late (discussing Masters  of the Air series of all things !) and only played about 4 turns as lots of discussion of some recent clarifications by author that revealed we had been playing some aspects of charge phase incorrectly (units essentially have a 2" zone of control all round which you cannot circumvent by charging past on flank - all fine and plausible but not how we had interpreted/read rules).

There is a really good game possible with GDA but sort of concealed under a veil of vagueness with some aspects of rules at times. 

Command several large pseudo-Austrians (ie Russians) line central stream

Opposing gun batteries line up on opposite heights

Right of 'Allied' deployment with one of those tough villages (thankfully being on periphery and not a victory objective it was not a factor) 

More large units on Allied left (Prussian figures)

As French ignored village (cowards) I used Redeploy tasking to push forward on that flank

Leaving 'Prussians' on left to hold up French (they were later aided by reserve Cavalry which usually thwarts any infantry advances)

French used Forward tasking to push their right flank Brigade up quickly

Central Allied brigade also used Redeploy to counter attack but quickly stymied by loss of Skirmisher Screen faltering the brigade

Time ran out at this early and inconclusive juncture (with the French cavalry reserve still uncommitted)