Wednesday, February 28, 2024

More dabbling with Glory Is Fleeting rules

Another run out for Glory Is Fleeting rules today with Stephen.

He used a pre-1812 British Peninsula force and I used contemporary French Army of Suchet in Spain (both fielded 12 units)

Suchet is by default an Exceptional General so I was able to strip 3 options from strategies available to British (I rolled 6 dice with double 1, double, 2 and double 3 making decision of which to remove automatic).

I ended up choosing Flexible Defence from 4 options left to me and Stephen picked Flank March (interesting to see this strategy)

Peninsula terrain has access to lots of hills (3 compulsory for defender) but we had quite varied terrain which fell quite well for me (with a large wood securing a flank and a strong point in a central town). 

The flank march obviously influenced deployments with Stephan sending 2 Divisions on flank marches (both deep on same flank as it turned out).

Thankfully I had a Division of Veteran units deployed on my right as these bore brunt of Brit attention as I tried to turn his left.

My Cavalry Reserve arrived centrally and was sent to support my outnumbered right wing.

We failed to finish as we thrashed out a few remaining rules lessons regarding supporting units (some wording confused us) and the sequencing of melee combat, and just how Skirmishing works (pretty much a variation of Lasalle 2 method) and of course interspersed with waffling over pros and cons, intricacies of system and the army lists and army make ups :-)

But this is overall a decent system (I do so like the set up/strategies system) that suits the Corps vs Corps scale of game and whilst none of inertia (no Pips, cards etc) we are used to or national characteristics, it works for this level and style game (pick up points game playable in a few hours).

Pics lacking variety as all the action was mainly in one area 

Sunday, February 25, 2024

A bit of PC Pbem action with Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin

Few turns into another Pbem scenario with 'New Jersey John' playing a scenario entitled 'The Mouse Commander' set in November 1942 during Soviet encirclement of Stalingrad. 

Scenario pits elements of 22nd Panzer (John) against units of 26th Tank Corps (yours truly) in and around a fog bound village.

My initial force of foot sloggers supported by numerous T26 Tanks (truly abysmal piece of kit) and have just about gained a foothold on edge of village with several T34s now arriving.

Germans encountered thus far have comprised of infantry with Pz38t/PzII (?) support and a couple of Pak 36 which are easily a match for the T26 horrors which are manned by mostly green crews, so many Soviet AP hits have resulted in 'shell broken up' even at close range !!

The fog has both assisted and hampered in equal measure as able to advance unmolested but stumbling into unseen enemy and I expect heaver Hun kit will appear (PzIII or IV ?).

T34s wade through a sea of destroyed T26 minnows

Vision limited by foggy conditions and plenty of hiding spots for ambushing Fascists 

Hard to credit that I have been playing the various CM titles since 2000 !!!!!

This is original ad that sucked me in and recall it taking ages to download the file 

Saturday, February 24, 2024

Battle of Gilly 15th June 1815 with Field of Battle 3 at Ulster Wargames Society (and other stuff)

Played Gilly scenario with FOB3 as planned at UWS meeting today with usual suspects Dave T and Dave B with a young chap Mark also playing (great to see youthful enthusiasm).

Another excellent game with plenty of incident which saw French (Dave T and Mark) chase off Prussians (under Dave B).

Prussians made a bit of a tactical blunder by trying to redeploy an Infantry Brigade from their left wing but ended up getting shot in flank several times by French Artillery and then the potent Empress Dragoons (after a favourable run of cards and movement rolls) managed to get across a ford and crashed into a Battalion in march column annihilating them in short order along with a screen of skirmishers.

Such things can occur in FOB which Dave B had likely forgotten, of course had he been luckier with cards it could all have been a stroke of tactical genius.

French foot pushed across the stream and into Gilly as poor Prussian volleys failed to thwart their progress and things got desperate for Prussians who threw caution to wind using 'Daring Deeds' with commanders to Rally troops but saw two commanders rendered Hors De Combat whilst stirring their troops.

Prussian morale plummeted (25) and an Army Morale card saw them yield (French lost 9 of their 35), this was a smallish game and was played to completion in about 3hours.

The French deployed with 'Boney' himself (on road) as outnumbered Prussians push aggressively forward on their right and fatal redeployment into march column of their left wing Brigade although at that stage the French cavalry seemed a long way off

Prussian right wing ready to march to left but Cavalry support sitting too far back on slopes (note the ford) to provide effective cover for this manouvre

Later and the French Artillery and Empress Dragoons (far left) have caused havoc on Prussian left with units destroyed and routing after being caught in marching columns. 
French are into Gilly and pressing hard on their left, as Prussian morale about to collapse.

And a couple of better pics taken by Bryn.

Also at club was usual great looking game from Phil (with Leslie and Paddy) and his 20mm kit think it was based on action at Son bridge during Market Garden.

Again more Bryn pics

Mike along with Simon and Bryn played an ACW boardgame 'A Fearful Sacrifice' with a First Day of Gettysburg scenario utilising only one of its two large game maps. 

This is a visually impressive game with lovely components (nice chunky counters) and a system using card activation/actions and at a tactical scale that seemed quite 'miniatures like'. 

Not sure how it ended but Bufords Cavalry (Simon) screen seemed to have stymied Rebel (Bryn) advance and Union reserves seemed to be pouring in around Gettysburg town and Cemetery Ridge last I saw.

More from Bryn who was Reb commander

Andy (glowing from his recent Team Yankee win in Wales) and Jeremy played Hail Caesar 2 with their 28mm Romans and Celts, they managed two games I believe.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

No Retreat! The Russian Front Pbem progresses and preparation for UWS game

Just completed Turn 4 of ongoing Vassal Pbem of No Retreat! The Russian Front with Mike and my Germans stagnant due to Snow (and a Long Winter turn upcoming) but did manage to survive several Russian attacks mainly by backing off. 

Need to get through these awful Winter turns and into summer 1942 to try to get some progress Eastwards before worm turns..........

Also planning another Field of Battle 3 game at club on Saturday so sorted out terrain and OOBs for Action at Gilly 1815, a smallish scenario (as I cant stay til the death this week) adapted from a GDA version.

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Glory Is Fleeting test game and Fall Of Saigon solo scenario

Game today with Stephen (recovered from last weeks dread lurgy) trying Glory Is Fleeting rules with his 1812 Russians facing my invading French Grand Armee.

We both choose from the respective Infantry Corps lists fielding 4 Divisions each although Russians had more mounted troops overall as allowed a Mixed Division.

The French list took me several attempts to get right as several core units must be purchased before one gets to select freely but yields a fairly plausible Divisional sized force with several veteran units in 1812.

As only our second outing with rules we played less than optimally as trying to cover as many situations as possible for learning purposes.

So for example I charged into fully fresh large Russian Infantry units (with Artillery attachments) which unsurprisingly saw my units bounced badly but this did show us the charge sequence/actions in full and how supports and Cavalry support charges worked.

Couple of minor queries over wording re Supports but nothing we could not work out with careful reading of rules.

As per previous version (FOGN) I still love the Scenario/Terrain set up and Deployment system.

Apologies for couple of fuzzy pics 

Also this week I managed another solo session with Fall Of Saigon expansion to Fire In The Lake, this time trying the Extended Short Scenario. 

This has a single 8 card 1968 deck (from FITL) being followed by three 8 card decks for 1973, 74 and 1975 from expansion but including all four 'factions'.

Great stuff again with Viet Cong winning at end of 1974 by 1 VP.

Sunday, February 18, 2024

An AI take on my Blog

After reading a Blog post by The Waving Flag relating to an AI site ( I decided to give it a quick decko and simply typed in the question: "What is Sgt Steiners Wargaming Blog ?" and herewith is the answer given which is on the nose and interesting, if not a tad concerning, as to the 'power' of such AI even on such a mundane and inconsequential topic. 

At least it does not know my real name or does it !!??

Sgt Steiner's Wargaming Blog is a platform where Sgt Steiner shares his experiences and insights into historical wargaming using miniatures, PC, and board games. The blog covers a variety of wargaming activities, including solo dabbling, scenario starters, and game reports from different periods of history, such as the Battle of Oudenarde and the Fall of Saigon. Sgt Steiner's interests in historical wargaming, miniatures, board games, PC games, movies, and military history are reflected in the content shared on the blog. The blog provides a glimpse into the world of a wargaming enthusiast and his experiences with various wargaming activities and interests.

Enticed by it wiles I entered a second question "What is the type of content of Sgt Steiners Wargaming Blog ?" and this was response, pretty much on the money.

Sgt Steiner's Wargaming Blog primarily features content related to historical wargaming, including miniatures, board games, and PC games. The blog covers topics such as specific gaming sessions, army lists, and thoughts on various wargaming interests. Sgt Steiner's interests include historical wargaming, miniatures, board games, PC games, movies, and military history. The blog provides insights into gaming experiences and preferences, making it a valuable resource for those interested in historical wargaming

To fellow Bloggers go ahead and try this IF YOU DARE !!

Saturday, February 17, 2024

Fall of Saigon in progress

Fall of Saigon expansion arrived (after a days delay due to Courier mix up) and I got it to table for solo try (no minis game this week as Stephen unwell)

Expansion includes scenarios to extend the scenarios of FITL and most intriguing a a scenario entitled 'Black April' using with the NVA and ARVN only and dealing with the NVA offensives that sealed demise of south after Paris Peace Accords.

This piqued my interest most so set it up for a play through.

With just 2 'factions' this is a two player scenario and utilises the two player initiative system from Colonial Twilight and goodly portion of the new cards decks covering 1973-1975 (24 cards per year plus new Coup cards although only 6-8 cards per year used in a scenario).

Armour is introduced in expansion (with new triangular blocks) and a couple of new associated OPs and Special Activity (Spearhead) and these are an interesting twist.

Only played through 1973 and just into 1974 but the NVA do seem irresistible especially their new 'Spring Offensive' Pivotal Event which allows them to Free March, Free Bombard and Free Attack all across the board once conditions are correct (post Watergate and regular troops fully mobilised) and have taken Saigon and most of the North.

Doubtless my play or ARVN is less than optimal (too many Events taken I fear) but thats what a play through is for.

All in all whilst just dipping a toe this is an excellent expansion and look forward to using the Extended options for other scenarios wherein if no clear winner in a standard FITL game you check the effect of Paris Peace talks then set up extended decks to play into 1973-1975.

Making a great game even better.  

Set up for Black April with only NVA and ARVN pieces (VC and USA are not used)

Overlay for 2-player Initiative and US posture track (only top line used in this scn)

That nasty Spring Offensive used and Saigon occupied by NVA (ARVN lost 14 units here !!)

NVA largely in control in north after offensive, note huge ARVN losses (these go to US casualty box in this scenario)