Friday, December 30, 2016

Field Of Battle WW2 - Op Totalize II

Big multi-player (well 2 a side) game today as last game of the year at chez Steiner.

After some badgering by Mr Pollock I decided to do a WW2 game and went with a 6mm game using Field Of Battle WW2.
I played an amended version of a scenario from Canadians In Europe rules entitle Totalize II simulating the second phase attacks by II Canadian Corps on the road to Falaise around 9th-10th August 1944.

This generated the assault portions of two Armoured Divisions for the Allies, the 4th Canadian and 1st Polish up against a reduced  12th SS Hitler Jugend Panzer Division in hasty defence.

Scenario was fairly easy to convert with only a few tweaks to Airpower and Artillery support for both sides.
Main change I made (to make game more playable) was only fielding Brigade/Regiment and higher HQs ie leaving out the respective Battalion HQs as this would have added some 20 HQ elements which I felt would be too ponderous for scenario overall.
I let these HQs use HW modifiers as if Bttn level and the rolled for Commander Risk on a 1 on D20 rather than normal D12 (no Commanders were lost as it turned out).

Messrs Pollock and Brittain controlled the SS (sort of apt as both forenamed Stephen) and Richard and Darren the Allies.
I umpired although I confess to having thoroughly enjoyed selecting the scenario and reading up about the action.

Germans deployed in a sort of semi-circle of defence around the Allied objective of the Falaise Road table exit point.
They spent 5 of their precious 6 Assets to stick 5 units into 'Bunkers' (Fortifications/Dug In) which proved fortuitous choice in the end.

Allies deployed essentially on both side of the Caen-Falaise road with Canadians (Richard) on right and Polish (Darren) on left.

Allies were basically Average in troop quality and stats whereas the HJ were Veterans with high troop stats.
The HJ had a Superior Deck to Allied Average.
Allies placed 4 Airpower cards into deck (using a mere 4 Assets from their huge 20 stockpile).
They also had an extra Barrage card with the HJ having a Superior Firepower card (which allowed their Infantry an extra re-load).
HJ deck also had two special event cards which I used to signify the start/stop of light rain showers (Down 1 dice type to all direct fire)
The Allies had Air Support of 4 Spitfire and 2 Typhoon Squadrons each day and also on initial Airpower card had an option to use a Medium Bomber attack.
For Morale the Allies had a massive 60 chits to HJ 30.
I had morning finish on 2nd tied roll, afternoon and night finished on 1st tied roll of course a turn finished as usual if a deck was used up.

Initially the Allies struggled to get Move cards or more than a single segment move on the cards they did get however this kept them out of range of bulk of German guns.
They did however get Airpower with their Bombers attack a Panther Bttn in a large wooded area but doing no significant damage (they did crater the area making it slower to move through).
Their Typhoons and Spits also failed to make any impact especially when effected by HJ Flak.

On first day only real action occurred in central wood area and with HJ Artillery causing some losses to Canadian Infantry.

Upon nightfall the Allies were lucky enough to get a couple of move cards allowing them to shift the bulk of their units to almost engagement range.

Dawn on second day then saw a titanic Polish struggle for the wood and a firm Canadian attack on the large hill.
Lots of action with multiple salvos of firing and close assaults (any combat with Close Assault range not just contact) but the HJ were lucky to get successive firepower cards allowing them to decimate the Allies and supercede their superior numbers.
The superior stats of the HJ told once push came to shove and the Allied morale dwindled quickly.
Allies also suffered by not getting any Command cards to attempt Rallies on so had numerous units Suppressed and Damaged.
Losses were such that the Allies decided to yield despite having made a in road on the hill where they had obliterated to HJ flank units, but they felt they were too weak to exploit this ie they had sunk to zero Morale and were in fact giving chits to HJ)

A good game with a great set of rules that really work for such a large scale game not often one gets to field 3 Divisions and fight a 2 day action on the one table in a WW2 game !
Hopefully the chaps had a good time and enjoyed the table top conflict despite the 'compliant' from SS about not having enough measuring sticks (I had used half ranges etc from standard rules measurements and had made up some templates to assist).

HJ set up on hill top with PAK dug-in

HJ defence around central wood

Canadians advance with Polish in distance

The Poles advance

Sluggish progress

HJ awaits

Overview on afternoon of first day

HJ still await..............

Canadians forming up

HJ spotting round on Falaise road with some damaged Canadian Infantry Companies

Wood left cratered after bombers struck 

Poles redeploy during night

HJ in fortified line protecting their right (PzIV Bttn in wood)

The struggle for the central wood ensues !

With Canada in support

Suppressed (Yellow puffs) Allied units abound

Poles continue assault on wood

Losses mount

Canadians assault the hill and are rebuffed

More death and destruction at wood

Canadian high water mark as they (just out of pic on lower right) they push onto hill

Monday, December 19, 2016

Over The Hills a French versus British bash in the Peninsula

Despite on going gaming time drought I managed a game with Stephen today using Over The Hills rules.
Stephen waned to try British under the system so we went with 1812 encounter in Spanish Peninsula.
We both made up 300pts forces Stephen lad out the terrain and then we had at it.
Good game although I have no time for a proper AAR.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pickett's Charge a multi-player bash

Yearly group wargame at Johns house with four (Stephen umpired) of us having a game using Pickett's Charge rules.

Scenario was adapted from a Regimental Fire and Fury version covering an action on the northern area of Gettysburg on Day 1.

Along with Richard I commanded Brigades from 11th (?) Union Corps whilst John and Stephen P commanded the Confederate forces (Darren unable to attend).

Scenario was a sort of meeting engagement.
Not all Brigades were on table at start with several arriving on set turns but amounting to some five Brigades each.
Both sides were mainly Veteran with a smattering of Regulars and Elites (Rebs had bulk of these).

Excellent game with both right flanks coming under extreme enemy pressure requiring shoring up by arriving Brigades.
Lots of casualties on both sides with one Union Brigade withdrawing completely off-table.
However once we ran out of time after (I think ?) 11 moves out of planned 16 we debated the outcome with both sides claiming a minor victory (so in other words a draw).

Great set of rules played in good company who can ask for more.
I bought a set of the rules despite having the PDF (I do not mind using PDFs to read the rules but prefer a physical set during actual play)

Planning a second multi-player game at Steiner's on 29th but what to play ??????

Sunday, December 04, 2016

No Retreat ! The Russian Front played

Gaming time at an absolute premium at present so was especially pleased to get a Board Wargame on the table at my Dads.
We played 9 turns of the excellent No Retreat ! The Russian Front with me as Ivans trying to hold off the Nazi hordes.
No time to say much other than it was a cracker with Moscow falling mid 1942 after an epic defence.
Stalingrad and Kharkov both succumbed to Panzers but both promptly retaken.
Game very much in balance when time ran out for us but Ivan Guard units gathering south of Moscow just waiting to try to trap a mass of Nazi units around the capital......