Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Prussian Dragoons 1813/14 finished

Just finished (well almost just need based) a unit of twelve Prussian Dragoons (5th Regt) for my 1813/14 lot. These took a wee while to complete as not much time lately. A unit of twelve Hussars up next but need to decide which Regt and colour scheme to adopt. Just ordered another unit of twelve Landwehr Cavalry and unit of twenty four Line Infantry from Black Hat.

Pretty poor iPhone pics will update with better pics once based.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

DBMM League Game Teutons vs Later Swiss

Played Dbmm game today opening game in Ulster League (1300AD Onwards) using Teutonics (kindly on load from John Brittain again) against Seamus and his mighty Later Swiss. 
Swiss as always set up on one corner in defensive box flanked by two woods. 
So either I attack this with my tiny army or go for 12-13 non-fighting draw (Swiss were invaders) guess which approach I chose ? :-) 
So....... I decided to take large risk and send one of my three commands (with the three Kn wedges) on an outflank on my left (in behind one wood) whilst remaining two commands went up the middle. 
This turned into a good game as my flank march managed to arrive on fourth turn just as my other commands got into action. 
Flung both sets of knights into combat and then watched as both commands broke in two successive turns. I did have chance with outflanking General to gain an advantage versus Swiss pike line but he failed. Nothing in Swiss army fears anything in mine as Pike can hold Knights and the BdX (Halbardiers)  have quick kill versus Kn in both bounds. I had decent Pips (except on one crucial turn) but a bad run of one's in combat did not help my cause. 
Very hard to counter Swiss who use this defensive set-up as quite easy to get at least one wood to anchor a flank and usually two. 
Its just not in me to play a non-event drawn game as I would rather lose 25-0 which is just as well really as thats what happened to my 'Do or Die'.......er......um......tactic.  :-)

Teutonic foot deploy

Teutonic CiC Command deploys

Foot advances (Bombard ArtS was waste as deployed too far back)

Swiss right 

Swiss left

Swiss defensive box is formed

Teutonic outflank arrives

Teutons advance against the box

Teutons get ready to charge to doom.........................

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rules addiction continues................

Just ordered these 2nd Edition rules.

Addiction due to be well salved in coming months with Field Of Battle 2, Pulse Of Battle (FOB Ancients), Polemos Ancients, Zouave II, Die Marching and War & Conquest all in pipe-line !!

FOG Ancients Game Avar versus Carolingian

Played a game using Field Of Glory Ancients as mate Stephen looking some practice games for a competition at end of June (I cant play as working). He used his lovely Carolingian Franks and I used Avars to give a historical opponent. Good game and maybe because we have played FOGR a few times this seemed to play along quickly and smoothly. Both still consider the Ancients set as being tad bland compared to DBMM (or FOGR) but its certainly very playable and less complex. I do miss stuff like weather, inertia (Pip dice) Command Structure and the generally more 'epic' feel of DBMM but FOG is most certainly easier to grasp and play and generates a reasonable game. 

Armies advance to clash point

Carolingian Spearmen with Lancers in support

Avar Light Horse backed by Bulgar Lancers with Slav foot in vineyard 

More Carolingian Lancers

Avars try to flank on right

Avar Cavalry array (These units got minced in combat by Lancers)

Avars spread out on right

The very nice Carolingians (Essex figures)

Carolingian left

Monday, May 23, 2011

FOG Renaissance Thirty Years War game

Played a game of FOGR today against Stephen using my Early Imperialist against his Swedes. Great game despite our being bit rusty with the rules and not actually finishing. Swedish Foot Brigades are very tough indeed definitely the creme de la creme of the period.

Imperialist deployment

Swedish set up

Swedes (Swedish brigade on right with extra Pike stand and Regimental gun)

Imperial Tercios squeezed by terrain

Imperial Cuirassier skirt the village

Swedish right flank

Cuirassier emerge to engage Swedes

Swedish Brigades advance

Tettering Tercio and Swedish Brigade in combat

Cuirassier engage a unit of German Mercenary Pike & Shot (both side took losses)

Tercios struggle to deploy

Imperial Reiters arrive from a successful flank march

Sunday, May 22, 2011

DBMM (& FOG) Celtic Cup Day 2

Celtic Cup Championships day 2

Game 3 against Later Swiss a 2-23 duffing after suffering a night attack (giving Swiss 8 turns without reply) note my picket line about to be imploded. Seamus McKenna (Dbmm overall winner) commanded the treacherous yodellers.

Game 4 against Naverese (Tim Madeley version) another duffing 0-25 as I had Housties awful dice syndrome. No pics as batteries died on camera (pity as Naverese very pretty) 

Some other games captured (whilst Seamus performed night maneuvers) sadly I dont know names of most of the FOG gamers or their armies.

FOG encounter

More FOGing about

Yet more FOG

And yet more (John Lavery looking mystified in his FOG game) 

Dublin DBMMer Mick Hession (with some Chinese carry out army) against Ian Austin (?) and Late Eastern Romans

FOG with I think Dave Taylors Burgundians on left ?

DBMM no idea who or what 

Dbmm again unknown who & what

DBMM Neo-Babalyonian (Mark Gibson) against Timurid (Rob Brennan)

Two DBMMers pretending unconvincingly to enjoy their jaunt in the FOG 
(Dave Houston and Richard Aynsley)

Again a great days gaming even with my return to true lowly form. 
Four good games against four gentleman opponents and lots of highs and lows of dice rolling to satisfy a gamers heart.

DBMM winner was Seamus (undercover alias James) McKenna.
FOG winner was Dave Taylor.
Team winner (covered 3 nominated players across both comps) Scotland.