Sunday, January 29, 2017

Combat Commander again

Another three scenarios played with my Dad from the Tournament Scenario Pack.
First up was a meeting of Us and Getman patrols in the Ardennes then it as off to Arnhem as the Red Devils fought the SS and finally Sicily witn Italians facing advancing Canadian units.
Three excellent games with each seeing a blaze envelope part of the battlefield including an entire victory location building !! 

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Might & Reason game played Prussia versus Austria

Game of the excellent Might & Reason rules played today after a long time on shelf with Stephen at my gaff today.
We used Austrians (Stephen) versus Prussians (yours truly) in a points based pick-up type game.
Great stuff it was too with the fast flowing set of 'big battle' rules (another superb Sam Mustafa set).
No time to AAR but suffice to say the Prussians got stuffed.

And a few pics (I forgot to put up) from a 10mm game of a Battlegroup game at Johns last week using his 1940 French versus Stephens Germans 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Combat Commander more play

Managed to get in two scenarios with the ever excellent Combat Commander board wargame with my  Dad tonight. 
Two scenarios from the tournament pack and two diverse games they turned out to be.
First scenario had a 'human wave' of Soviets attacking Germans on a hilltop.
The Germans were literally rolled over in short order.
Second saw Germans attack Polish troops in 1939.
This one saw Minefields a plenty and a massive blaze develop in the middle of the combat zone.
Germans narrowly won this one.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Battlegroup scenario played 'La Gleize'

Another game of Battlegroup today at Stephens as we are on a bit of a WWII binge at present !
Played a scenario from the 'Wacht Am Rhein' booklet entitled 'La Gleize' with Peipers unit having a bit of a last stand on outskirts of the village.
I played Nazis and Stephen got to field his Yanks for a change.
Nice scenario with all Spotting and hitting for Aimed Fire subject to a -1 to simulate Smoke and Mist shrouding the battlefield.
German vehicles also subject to a test to run out of fuel (a 1 on a d6 each time they move).

Great game which despite the Krauts being greatly outnumbered was a close contest.
We both saw Tanks suffer from 'random events' with my drawing a Mine Attack chit and destroying a Sherman but later Yanks drew a Breakdown chit which he placed on a Panther and rolled a 1 to see the crew abandon the Panzer !
With the poor visibility most shooting was Suppression Fire and with Yank Artillery causing a lot of my units to be suppressed leading to a lot of Chit draws to Rally.

German morale broke first as their 36 level was passed first although the US had accumulated 30 of their 38 so a close outcome.
Yanks had taken one of their 2 tactical objectives but would have had a real fight for the other.

Enjoyable game and with both sides having squads split into two teams the Orders issue I had was mute.
Battlegroup are a very slick set which I would term in some ways WWII-lite but they certainly generate a fast flowing and fun game.