Thursday, April 28, 2016

Die Kriegskunst a solo retry

Despite having some issues with rule clarity I decided to give these rules another outing with a solo run through using my Prussians and Russians.

Still some of same issues arose and I stuck couple of queries on the DKK forum but not holding my breath for an answer as not a lot of activity thereon.
However if Stephen and I can agree how we will play the rules well then that is how we will play the rules :-)

Even with the outstanding clarifications the game flowed well and went fairly fast (always does once over initial learning hurdle).

Had not really noticed last game but musketry is fairly impotent (certainly compared to Honours Of War) and so I can see why a per 10% casualties Morale Test might indeed be correct.
Generally only 1 or 2 casualties caused (frequently none) unless rolling 10+ (on 2D6) so an attritional model as such.
Conversely Morale Tests can have severe outcomes especially for Brigade Tests.
A Brigade of 2 Unit Cavalry Regiments ceratinly can prove to be brittle as having one unit Retreated/Routed gives a -3 to Brigade Test (for 50% broken).
Nice touch is Prussians getting +1 Morale boost for being on Attack (ie the most aggressive) orders whilst Russian Infantry get +1 for being on Hold orders (least aggressive) simulating their respective aggressive and stoic qualities.

Some pics

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Combat Commander: Stalingrad scenario played

Played another scenario from the Combat Commander: Stalingrad Action Pack with my Dad.

Scenario set in area around Dzerzhinsky Tractor Works and a Russian strong point known as DOM 31.

A fun little scenario with couple of unique Russian units, Garrison and an SMG Garrison manning the strong point.

Sewers make an appearance (echoes of Squad Leader) although I only used them once.

It proved tough going for the Germans (Dad got bit fixated on the strong point) especially when Russian relief force appeared.


Saturday, April 23, 2016

Die Kriegskunst game played

Game played today against Stephen using Die Kriegskunst rules Austrians versus Prussians.
These are a derivative of General De Brigade for Seven Years War.
Last tried these in 2013 (3 yrs ago !!!! yikes !!! really !!!) .

A set with a lot of good ideas (from GDB) such as the orders system but lacking a lot of clarity at times.

Simple things like 'Uphill' are mentioned on QRS but not defined in rules.
Not a biggie as such but not sure we can be bothered sorting out basic stuff like this.
Another was that in rules units are noted as Testing Morale after taking 10% casualties but QRS shows 25% (which we went with deeming it better level) ??
Others included when do Follow-up Melees occur same turn or next ?
When do recover from Faltering 'next movement phase' (possibly in same turn) as Morale rules state or 'movement phase of next turn' as QRS states ?
I think the author expects players to have an in depth knowledge (that we lack) of GDB to play this set.

Game was slow initially as we got grips with the rules but sped up once we got basics down despite the having to look up a lot of stuff as mentioned.

Shooting, moving, charges and melees all fairly straightforward (in fact charges are exactly that).

We both sort of felt the rules had a lot to like in them but that they are too much hard work without house/local rulings and there are just as good workable sets (Age Of Reason. Field Of Battle, King Of The Battlefield, Die Fighting, Principles of War of Honours Of War to name but a few)
Will we play them again ? maybe but I fear that without constant use we will continue to find them frustrating.

A few pics

Friday, April 22, 2016

The Shako 'dozen' number 12

Am sure there is a way of putting these all in one post but simply sharing them from UTube was quickest.

The Shako 'dozen' number 11

The Shako 'dozen' number 10

The Shako 'dozen' number 9

The Shako 'dozen' number 8

The Shako 'dozen' number 7

The Shako 'dozen' number 6

The Shako 'dozen' number 5

The Shako 'dozen' number 4

The Shako 'dozen' number 3

The Shako 'dozen' number 2

The Shako 'dozen' number 1

A dozen videos to bore you all with re playing a turn in Shako.

I split it into short vids as much easier to upload.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Shako video (short Melee example)

A video (hopefully) of Melee from ongoing game

More Shako play

More turns played today of ongoing solo Shako 2 game.
Several more pics (short video in following post I hope)

Lines getting closer in centre with several musket volleys

French Guard Cavalry cajoled into action at last as Prussian right advances

More mounted action on Prussian left

Cuirassiers fallback blown after both losing in melee (although one did break a Reserve Infantry Battalion in Line)

The Cavalry clash again.

Hapless Reserve Infantry crunched by Cuirassiers after both they and supporting Battalion failed to Stagger (and thereby cancel contact) oncoming mounted bunch

Overview of French left wing

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Shako a couple of solo turns played (and new arrivals)

Managed to get a couple of turns of my solo Shako 2 game done over past couple of days (an hour here an hour there).

As couple of posters asked to see how game proceeded I took several pics.

Short blurb to accompany these which I hope give bit of flavour of game thus far.

The coloured pipe-cleaners equate to
Yellow - Staggered
White - Blown Cavalry
Red - Fall Back (1 chance to Rally or Broken)
White puffs are shooting units

Opinions sought on the look of latest table top base terrain.
These are greeny/gray carpet tiles which I have tried to colour with various shades of green, brown and yellow with small areas flocked.
Thinking I could do with some more lighter green/yelloy areas ?

The Battle:

Prussian Artillery opens up causing a Stagger on target but nothing with 'bounce through' on following unit.

French Heavy Cavalry Division forming up to charge (under Attack orders)

A Division of Prussian Grenadiers has advanced to seize hill (Attack then Defend orders) with Jager thrown out as skirmish screen.

Two French Infantry Divisions (Guards on right) advance (Attack orders)

French Infantry on left have advanced and now of Defend order in support.

Overview of table with French Guard Cavalry Division stuck in Reserve mode as 2 of the ADC I sent with orders to attack failed to reach them (third seen approaching them)

First clash on French right as Heavy Cavalry assaults Prussian Dragoons and their Cannons. One Prussian Dragoon has charged in support into flank of French Dragoon (not actually counting as full Flank Charge however)

Jagers skirmishing (they fire at 6" compared to Formed units at 4") and causing Stagger

The mounted melee from Prussian perspective

French Skirmishers in action in centre

Gap showing on French flank as Guard Cavalry sit in Reserve (I would have been better with a Timed Order)

The initial Melee resolved with Prussian guns destroyed. French Dragoons in Fall Back status and tye Prussian Dragoons have performed Break Though Charges on following French Dragoon which suffered a Stagger as pals fell back (note the Blown markers do not take effect until turn end)

Post Breakthrough melee the French Dragoons both in Fall Back status and all Cavalry that fought a melee not Blown (need to spend a turn Reforming to recover)

Overview of Prussian lines

And French lines

The whole battlefield

As to the new stuff a couple of items arrived this week

Latest supplement for Battle Group rules

And from GMT Games