Thursday, June 24, 2010

DBMM East Frankish vs Sicilian Norman

Played game today vs Stephen using my Eastern Franks (circa 1090AD) vs his Sicilian Norman of same time frame. A good historical match-up of two Irregular armies (not often we play such). Yet another good game (Dbmm is certainly fun) made great by the fact that my dice rolls were decent for once. My dismounted Swabian Knights (BdO) were able to take a hill held by Arab type Bows and Aux without loss. We both ended up with out KnO fighting enemy SpI and  some enemy Knights with the key outcomes being my killing 2 KnO on 6 vs 1 rolls. The losses incurred were enough when combined with -2ME hit from breaking the Bow Cmd to give me a............................wait for it.......................22-3 WIN !!!!!!!! the first in what seems eons.....................
So I award myself the Warlord banner award

DBMM League game

Played League game using Avars against Mark Gibson and his Konstantian Byzantines.
A really good game during which I had truly awful dice rolls for most part (Mark beginning to feel sorry for me it was so bad) but a upturn in fortune allowed me to break a Byz Cmd but not in time to stop my own lot folding for a 18-7 loss. Couple of mistakes made the main one being counting Marks BwX as S when shooting a howler on my part...........

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

DBMM Avar vs Abbassid

League game today vs Stephen using my Avars versus his Abbassid Arabs. Good game with terrain falling kindly for Arabs. 23-2 loss.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Pbem games ongoing

Some images from ongoing Pbem games with Combat Mission and Campaign Series games.

West Front game
East Front game 'Panzer Blitz' style

CMAK 'Bulge' game with my Shermans in their usual state.............

CMBB 1941 action with some mighty T26s 

CMBB enemy Tiger on prowl.....................

Thursday, June 03, 2010

DBMM Norman (Sicily) vs Islamic Berber

Dbmm game today vs Stephen using Norman list with Sicilian options vs his Islamic Berbers (Regular version). A good game with lots of action with my Knights breaking through Arab spear line but taking too many casualties whilst doing so. My Aghlabid Arab allies proved to be unreliable and got surrounded and stuffed. 22-3 to Berbers.