Sunday, January 18, 2009

FOB SYW Russian vs Prussian

Played SYW game using PK Field Of Battle and my 15mm Russians vs Stephen's Prussians.

24 Units a side on a fairly cluttered table.

Great game with lots of action and incident (PK in all forms excels at this) Only blip was our (mis-)reading of Segment/Multi Moves some situations looking a bit cheesy but once we agreed how we would play it things swung along nicely.
My Ivans took an pounding from Prussian shooting as Stephen invariably rolled high when I rolled low.
Russian Cavalry Brigade on right flank

Initial Russian deployment

Russian Infantry Brigade
Prussian Deployment

Thursday, January 08, 2009

DBR Condensed 400 pts

Played game of DBR 400pt Condensed scale at Stephens.
My Catholic TYW vs his Swedish

Played on 6ft x 2ft board.
Much wider deployment area than in normal scale but of course less depth.
Took awhile to get used to the smaller moves (20mm per 50p rather than 40mm) but game played with feeling of being a bigger battle overall.
Swedish Regt guns (ArtI) proved effective killing 3 PsS (!!).
Catholics lost when main command broke but 2 Swedish Cmds on brink

Nice game. We are going to try again using 1 inch to 50p on 6x3 ft board