Sunday, October 30, 2022

Ulster Wargames Society - Radevsky Redoubt with Gen D'Armee

Monthly club meeting and once again Dave S provided the troops, terrain and scenario for another GDA bash (see I am a glutton for punishment !).

He used the Radevsky Redoubt scenario (and an excellent old Bellona terrain item) from GDB adapted for GDA. Dave, Andy and Billy (later joined by Jeremy D) commanded the Russians whilst Stephen, Mike (appropriately attired) and I took on role of French attackers.

Knowing the Redoubt was the obvious objective we decided that I would initially delay opposite the feature whilst Mike moved to engage enemy in middle and Stephen tried to swing around the Russian left (so his Brigades got bulk of ADCs for initial turns) the later arriving Cavalry Brigades would go were needed (but Saxons would be directed toward Redoubt to try to mirror history)

This certainly forced the Russians to try to redeploy Infantry they had behind the redoubt to assist Billys beleaguered wing. This resulted in a traffic jam at times with units Retreating through others and lots of unformed units.

But still pretty hard for attackers to exploit this as Russians passed several Faltering tests.

Mike and I then began to push toward the Redoubt but not having enough ADCs to get Brigades onto Inf Assault orders all across the line hampered efforts.

The Russian guns did expected heavy damage forcing use of a precious Command order to restore casualties, but conversely Russians did lose 1 large gun battery (they passed resulting Falter roll with flying colours) and they also had to use their Command order as lots of hits on their Brigade defending the Redoubt, which mainly to some very effective skirmisher fire (3 turns of 'off-table' shooting by French Grand Battery helped).

I did manage to get 1 Brigade onto Assault on my extreme left and indeed got into a Melee with Elan against a Russian unit but this ended up a Draw with my chaps stepping back. I rolled 7 D6 the unformed Russian 3 D6 but 3 hits each was result............Merde !

By this stage both Armies had seen their numerous Cavalry reinforcements arrive (although finding room to insert them into battle line was an issue) but sadly we had to call time on the game with issue largely unresolved.

Russians still ensconced in Redoubt but under pressure with Saxon cavalry due to be committed, although Russians had an Inf Brigade to rear ready to try to retake if lost. Russian left flank was in real muddle of Brigades and we had fresh Veteran Cuirassier to counter their mounted force. Almost a game of 2 halves of which we only completed first.

All in all a fun game with lots of figures (all Daves 15mm) on table and a good deal of banter. 

French left and center demonstrate against Redoubt as right tries to turn Russian flank

Right wing attack goes in as Russians march supports across

French now trying to apply pressure on Redoubt

Russians units forced to Retreat start to unform supports

French Inf Assault on left repulsed with unsupported charge on Redoubt coming to naught

French Cuirassier advance en mass as Russian mounted also appear (note mess of units at Russian rear)

Just prior to time being called the Saxon cavalry are crossing the stream readying for assault on the Redoubt.

Couple of pics by Dave S 

Nice look at redoubt innards and French advancing (brown cloth is Wolf Pits)

Mike in his resplendent 'I really want to play as French' attire 

There was a game of FOGR ongoing in club (Jeremy and Dave B) set in Italian Wars but no time to investigate or take a pic.

Good numbers at club but I think a couple of planned games had to be cancelled so several chaps not actually gaming, but plenty of intense discussion as far as I could tell.

Thursday, October 27, 2022

L'Art De La Guerre - two games played

As a change from our GDA odyssey we decided to use LADG and managed to get two games completed which was a rather refreshing change and we even had time for usual verbal debate ie pure unabashed waffling ! (Of course masochists that we are with GDA its another game with same at club at weekend). 

First game was Stephens Abbasid Arabs against which I used Khazar (Royal Army). 

Not much to report except that Arabs won and confirmation that dice hate me.

Second game Stephen used Hittites and I fielded my Minoans. 

Hittites prevailed (rather easily) with further conformation if needed that dice do indeed thoroughly and intensely hate me :-) 

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Catch up

I have actually played (well sort of) a couple of games this past fortnight but not had time to Blog about which is ironic as essentially very little to relate !

We tried another GDA scenario, Bautzen, last week but using Black Powder as a change and then played maybe 3 turns before ending up discussing GDA and how to 'fix' it again so not real report on game just a couple of pics. 

Yesterday we tried same scenario but with GDA itself hoping we had ironed out issues we had, but alas and alack this was yet again not the case (I cant be bothered outlining issue), and again the game ground to a halt with us unable to resolve satisfactorily in rules.

I have tried I have really tried to use GDA but the never ending cycle of issues and having to refer to forums to try to fathom answers is a real turn off. We thought maybe we are being too pedantic but core rules like charging should not be unclear or requiring debate.  

Now searching/reviewing my library of Napoleonic rules to see if we can come up with a set that suits the same Divisional level games as GDA that we can agree on using, WRG was even mentioned ! 

Ah the 'first world' problems of a wargamer :-)

Wednesday, October 05, 2022

General D'Armee - Dresden scenario played

As planned we tried the Dresden scenario I had set up last week today with GDA.

I defended with the Russo-Prussian force and used the same set up as in solo effort.

Stephen attacked as French with only real change to my version being he had an infantry brigade on his extreme right in lieu of the mounted force I sent that way.

We did (of course) end up having one of our lengthy discussions this time as to how rigid or otherwise brigade boundaries are meant to be in the game.

Rules put forth the operational boundary concept but not really fleshed out in detail how to practically apply it. We decided that really only playable as being applicable at deployment or when inserting a reserve brigade into the battle line, as just too constraining if there is no overlapping, interaction or intersection of neighbouring brigade units allowed.

Am finding GDA a tad frustrating as I feel that whilst there is a great deal to like every game seems to throw up some basic queries (we had another involving adjacent opposing charges) that we often find difficult to resolve quickly in rules and which thereby slows the game down and means we fail to finish even in a full days play. 

And so for all its historical plus points I keep thinking 'what am I gaining' compared to other systems most of which play quicker/smoother despite having their own quirks/issues.

The rules are often opaque to me (maybe it is an age thing ?) and certainly more complex/involved than others, but conversely I do feel there is enough depth to system (and the excellent scenarios) to persevere with and try to enjoy, a conundrum..............................

Only pics from early stages of game as later shots all out of focus for reasons unknown

French begin advance towards defenders lines

Defenders await, Prussians on hill

Infantry Assault order for central French brigade from get go

Russian infantry to left of village start to takes hits from French guns

French infantry mass on my left