Monday, February 22, 2010

Black Powder Rules

Black Powder rules arrived today.
Very pretty layout and picture in nice hardback.
Brief skim shows them to be a fairly generic/simple set and lots of stuff reminisant of Piquet Field Of Battle and Warmaster/BKC.
Interestingly they do have a points system which may be useful.

Look to be a nice read if nothing else.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

FOB game finished

FOB game concluded today

French ran out of Morale Chips and Quit The Field on first (and early) test on an Army Morale Card.

Very entertaining game as a solo effort, lots of action and the card/initiative system of PK FOB allows for a good solo game.

So good in fact am now re-reading PK FOB WWII for a possible test........

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Short Video Clip of FOB game

A short video clip showing overview of the battle during turn 3

FOB 10mm Malburian

Re-fought yesterdays game using Piquet Field Of Battle which is great for solo play.

Initial set-up as per CMD PK scn generator and terrain system.

Garde Francais chasing off Austrian Currassiers on French right wing

Austrian Inf routing after volley from Irish in centre

General overview of Turn 3

Clash in centre

Last stand of French Rgt Poitiou

Friday, February 19, 2010

Malburian Game

10mm Malburian game today (solo) using  (amended) Minden Rose

 (with Cmd Pk to generate Scn/Terrain) also going to replay using FOB PK.
Minden Rose is quite easy to use but extremely bloody firing/combats.

Austrian Right Wing Foot Brigades

French Horse Brigade

French Right Wing Horse and Foot Brigades

French Left Wing Foot Brigades

Overview after initial moves

Thursday, February 18, 2010

DBMM 1.1 Khazar vs T'Ang

DBMM 400pt game today with Irr Khazar vs Stephen's T'Ang

Disaster for Khazars as T'Ang invaded in Spring and weather resulted in Mud !! meaning the selection of KnF for Khazars was awful as -1 in every melee !!

Usual awful dice rolls probably made this moot anyhow :-)

23-2 to T'Ang

Monday, February 15, 2010

DBMM Playtest 1.1 Roman vs Carthaginian

DBMM game today vs Stephen using Polybian Romans vs Carthaginians

Great game that really looked and felt like a classical battle.

No problems today with marching rules (other than sticking to sequence) as no Clumsy types about.

Another drubbing however...........

Sunday, February 14, 2010

DBMM 1.1 playtest Avar vs Carolingian

Dbmm 400pt 1.1 (5/2 draft) using Avars vs Stephen's Carolingians

Another super game with Charles Martels bunch coming good in end, but I did shatter a Cmd of Knights.

No real problems except latest Marching Pip costs/restrictions.

Munster DBMM Competition

Attended Munster (Cork) Comp 30th & 31st January with Stephen (5hr drive each way) using my Minoans in a Book 1 theme

4 great games against nice opponnents

Scored a mere 25 pts though...............

Excellent hospitality from Richard Anslyey and his family. Great weekends wargaming crack throughout.

Some pics from the Cork Wargaming Site