Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lasalle: Prussian vs French Young Guard 1813

Played a Lasalle 'army builder' game at mine versus Stephen tonight using my Prussians against his mean Young Guard Division. Quite dense terrain table made for very interesting encounter especially when the French off-table reserve arrived on its second turn (uncanny how he gets them to arrive with low rolls !).  I used the on-table Cavalry Abteilung (so as my recently completed Landwehr Cavalry units could be fielded). Lots of maneuvering on both sides with my East Prussian Battalion taking the central town as a French Infantry brigade occupied the adjacent woodlands. My Cavalry Brigade moved to my left wing from central deployment to try to counter the early arriving French mounted Brigade. French 'Grand Battery' in center eventually blew my foot Artillery to bits opening a hole that mounted and foot were poised to exploit.
Fun game as ever and always nice to see our Napoleonic units in action.  We managed 13 turns before pre-set finishing time (2300hrs) and whilst no clear decision it was looking like a French marginal win in the offing. I also got to use several new trees I bought on sojurn to Scotland in August.

Hoping to give Field of Battle 2 an outing on Saturday possibly with ACW troops.

Prussian deployment (new trees visible at top)

French Young Guard Infantry deploy

And advance towards Prussian lines with 'Grand Battery' in support

More Young Guard prepare to advance down the central road 

Pomeranian Landwehr Cavalry deploy to protect right flank

Silesian Landwehr Cavalry having bounced off enemy mounted

East Prussians deploy ready to race into the central town 

And manage to get there before oncoming French

Struggle for woods on Prussian left

Pesky French Artillery array

Silesian Landwehr Cavalry about to get broken as French arrive in numbers

Stand off at town

Prussian central deployment on hill

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Field Of Battle 2 in my possession

Field Of Battle 2 arrived at last. Brief skim through but looks rather good with only a few additions and tweaks to the already excellent game system but some rather nice scenario and set-up rules and a units points option.

Dbmm - Kushan versus Han Chinese

Stephen invited me over for an evening game and suggested we try Dbmm as its been a long while since we played a game of same. He chose his Han Chinese so I selected a contemporary Kushan opponent. As ever the regular ability to maneuver versus the irregular inability to maneuver was telling especially with Kushans having so many Inept troops. Han got to deploy second which did not help Kushan cause. Han massed in one half of table and mauled the Kushan left flank as their center and right tried frantically to move to support of left. Despite Kushans having rather good Pip rolls (mainly 4+ and no 1's !!!) they were just too slow and unwieldy. The left flank collapsed along with the baggage giving victory to the Chinese. Good to get some hack and slash types on table as a change from horse and musket armies.

iPhone pics only

Kushan right and center deploy

Han deploy 

Kushans realize they have only a void to their fore 

The Kushan right faced by whole Han force

Monday, September 19, 2011

More rules.............

These arrived today (I had forgotten I even ordered them !) a slim volume (although only £10) but look interesting.

Rather annoyingly upon seeing the package upon return home from travail I thought it was FOB2 (which is still in transit from USA it seems !!!!) but it twas'nt...................

Sunday, September 18, 2011

FOB last fling with WSS (and Men in Green)

Supposed to play a game today at Stephens but had to obtain and set-up a replacement printer instead. But did start a solo game using my 10mm Malburian stuff using Field Of Battle rules as a last hurrah for 1st edition as 2nd edition is at last on its way from USofA (but no sign as yet).

My start on AWI British figures has stalled but needed a wargame fix of some sort

iPhone pics as too lazy to go downstairs to get camera !

Of course a MAJOR bright spot at start of day was the Men in Green duffing the Aussies !!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lace Wars and internet woes

Been unable to connect to Internet for 10 traumatic days !!!!! amazing how dependent one becomes upon this electronic master, but did manage to buy another set of rules (via iPhone) of course, why why why oh why !!! :-)

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Lasalle last (?) two Prussian Landwehr Cavalry units finished

Finished off my last two remaining Prussian units for Lasalle (giving me choice of two Cavalry 'picks'), namely two Landwehr Cavalry units in Silesian and East Prussian garb. 15mm Black hat figures once more.

Side by side looking for Frenchies to impale

East Prussians