Friday, September 12, 2008

DBMM 400pts Byzantine vs Hunnic

Dbmm 400pt game today vs Stephen (just for a change)
I used Maurikian Byzantine vs his Huns

Another superb game with the Byzantines actually coming close (I had great Pips but usual poor Combat dice).

Situation end of turn 2

Thursday, September 04, 2008

400pts DBMM Minoans vs Hittites

400pt Dbmm game today vs Stephen

I used my Minoans vs his Hittite Empire

Great game with oppossing Chariots cmds both being broken.

Hittite Inf combo of PkF & WbF rolled over my lowly PkX/I to give Hitties an 18-7 win

Minoan Chariots arrayedHittite Chariots
Minoan right flank
Nasty Hittite Infantry

Monday, September 01, 2008

Strongbow Dbmm 200pts Sat 30th Aug 08

Foreign sojourn to Dublin with Dbmm 200pt Maurikian Byzantine army.

3 games played 3 lost but still managed to win a prize !!!!???? (a mistake sorted later with organizer).

3 good games each played in good spirit

1st vs Jan van Embden with Zanj Revolt army (not a good matchup for my Byz)
2nd vs Brian Roynane Ghaznavid (a good slog that was close at end)
3rd vs Phil Waldron Hindu indian (Desert Rajiputs)

In hindsight I made a lot of mistakes with rule recall (especially in 1st game) forgetting essential stuff like the back rank of my Dbe Cav counting against foot not just mounted and forgetting to count +1 is scoring less when shot at with all my S Mtd !!!

Only real 'learning' was that corner to corner is classed as contact and therefore allows 80p shift. Not how we have been playing it but does seem to be how its done.