Sunday, September 09, 2007

DBMM 400pts Khazar vs Khorazanian

Game on Fri 7/9/07

I used Khazars vs Stephens Khorazanians.
A really excellent game with lots of too and froing and incident.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

DBMM Turgesh vs Romanian Frank 31-08-07

Another game of Dbmm vs Stephen using Turgesh (with Brilliant Su Lu) vs Romanian Franks (with lots of KnS) I was invader in Summer and lots of terrain including a large DH 2 GH 2 SH 1 O & 1 RF. The DH dominated one flank of the Franks the others dotted acroos the tabletop. The Franks advanced their Knights in one solid block which I faced with a mix of LHs and CvO (my Horde and Bow were on camp guarding duties) the Franks had a mixed Cmd of BwO and AxO on my right. I had 4 Cmds 2 with a mix of LHs & CvO 1 with the CIC the foot and 3 CvS, my 4th Cmd was 4 KnX Tibetians (outclassed by KnS). The Frank Knights failed to damage on Cmd of Lh but killed 4 elements of the other in their initial charge punching a large hole in my line which my Tibetians had to plug along with some CvO. Inveitably despite my getting some overlaps the Kn broke this flank completely. On the other flank however I managed to use a GH to shield my Lh & Cv from Bows and I weas able to charge into the Bw/Ax downhill. I managed to kill several but not enough to break the Cmd and after a loss to bow fire I placed my SG into line for a new charge but a single Bw element killed him (6 -1 on dice) !!!! breaking that Cmd and losing me the game............again..................
Rather quick game but lots of action. The KnS are tough to deal with..............................

The Frankish setup
The Turgesh array

The Frankish Knight Cmd