Sunday, September 18, 2016

The God Kings game played

Been absolute dearth of gaming time this last few weeks with not so much as a single miniature even some much as fondled !
However on a brighter note my son Steven is back from England for a spell to undertake a plumbers course.
So he and I had a game with my Dad of The God Kings and nice card driven game of the WeThe People/Hannibal ilk.
We only managed to play 4 full turns with the first being rather slow as we learnt the game but things went pretty speedily thereafter
A very nice game none too complex with some nice card effects even if some of the card names and map locations are odd/tongue twisters.
We will come back to this one again

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Combat Commander more fighting in Normandy

Bugger all time for gaming this past week but thankfully managed an evening of Combat Commander with my Dad.
Another two Normandy scenarios this time with British storming ashore at Sword Beach and Canadians facing HJ at Authie.
Yet again a superb time had with this game and honours even as I narrowly failed to defeat the resistance nest WN20 at Sword but held of the dreaded SS at Authie.

Sunday, September 04, 2016

Combat Commander Normandy another three scenarios played

Played another three scenarios with my Dad of this superbly entertaining game.
All three featured in and around Omaha beach pitting Yanks against the Huns.
All three went to the wire and were hotly contested.
Yanks won two the Huns one.
Great stuff yet again.