Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More Might and Reason played before work today

Got another blast with M&R before starting late shift today.
Prussians gained upper hand pretty decisively destroying 9 Russian units for only 1 unit lost in reply ( although several badly mauled) which is a mere one from victory required. 
They did suffer the loss of the vaunted Seydlitz however after his shoring up a unit in melee.
Prussian superiority in musketry was telling (they hit on 5-6 rather than just 6) and their Mounted arm simply out diced their enemies. 
Units are destoyed in M&R if they lose all strength points or if decisively beaten in melee ie doubled score, and with several 1s rolled by Russians it was bit of a bloodbath.
Frederick can certainly be Great with M&R !!
Great fast play set of rules which gives good plausible results despite a lot of abstracted detail.
I like the way infantry must fire at least one volley at an opponent before entering melee and the test for all but agressive types (Grenadiers or Guards) to actual 'charge' home.
My only real gripe as such is that shooting is bit of a non event at times as Infantry and artillery (mounted do not fire) both require a 6 (Prussian foot a 5+) to get inflict a hit. 
This coupled with short musket ranges makes infantry a juicy target for mounted at times as Cavalry can charge 3-5 times musket range.
The command system works really well with subordinates sometimes be tardy or foolhardy.
The use of Command Dice from CiC is good method as they can add dice to subordinates command rolls and combats or rallies. 
In this scenario Frederick being great rolls 4 command dice per turn with poor old Fermor rolling only 2.
I also like the turn length and 'pulse' system meaning turn length is somewhat unpredictable (minimum of 1 pulse and maximum of 4 each turn).
A decent system to,play solo as well.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Might and Reason initial turn played

Managed to play a full turn today. 
Forgot how good this rule set is very slick and playable.
Russians on their left managed to get first charge in against Prussian Cuirassiers but bounced off, however the Prussian forced remained Inactive and are flanked by Cissacks and Hussars.
On right Sydelitz has chased off (ie they evaded) opposing Cossacks and Hussars and his Dragoons destroyed a unit of Russian line infantry. 
Frederick has brought forward the Prussian guns and is hoping to pound the Russians across the rough ground.
Still a long way to go in this..........

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Might & Reason set up of Zorndorf scenario

Zorndorf scenario from the excellent Might & Reason rules set up for first blooding of the Prussians. 
Hope to get a solo play through this week.

Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier Hill 112 scenario

Our wee gaming Group game played Hill 112 scenario for Battlegroup Panzer Grenadier Deluxe rules at Stevie Pollocks today using his and Richards 20mm kit (or 'biggies' as Mr Brittain calls them).
A tough scenario for the British attacking across essentially open ground towards entrenched SS.
British commanded by Stevie, Richard and yours truly against the evil Brittain brothers.
We decided to concentrate our attack on our right with bulk of forces led by Stevie and Richard with myself hold on our left. 
Churchills suffered from fire from a hidden Pak40 and two PzIVs and Infantry were disrupted by mortars and Nebelwerfer fire. 
Three Churchills brewed by rolling piss poor on damage tests with only a single loss to the Panzers on the hill.
Losses mounted for British and Commanders (ie Richard) morale collapsed and we conceded.
Great stuff and nice to use the 'biggies' for a change just like my long distant youth !

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Seven Years War Prussians on parade

My newly acquired 15mm Prussians have been based and are ready to be blooded against my Russians. 

So another plethora of rules to be used and explored.

Not much time for Blogging......................

Been rather busy this festive season (well more the run up to it) so been bit slow on Blog posts.
I did manage a couple of gaming sessions.

Had a quick playtest of Die Fighting 2 with my Napoleonics but sadly had to cut it short.
Hope to have a fuller play through and proper look rules but suffice to say they appear to be a more streamlined version than DF1 and come in novel format ie a DVD that has video tutorials of rules in action along with printable PDFs for charts and suchlike.
Prefer 'old school' book myself but this is certainly a different approach and most definitely less expensive to purchase from USA.

Also had Combat Commander session with my Dad playing 3 scenarios but I only managed photos from one of them as got so engrossed in this addictive game.

My Seven Years War Prussian army arrived from Stonewall Figures on 23rd so in process of trying to base these in between family visits etc