Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Hurrah ! a game played, in fact two thanks to L'Art De La Guerre

Actually managed a figure game today at Stephens using LADG as we had little preparation time and Dice Demon in the groove with rules after outing at Munster last weekend and to christen a new mat he bought.

I brought two armies (one big plus for LADG is quick set up and playing time) Minoans and Sassanid Persian.
First game was Minoans against Hittites the second Sassanid against Late Roman.

Two quick playing and fun games as ever (despite my losing both as per usual) and good to see that we had pretty much got rules correct which is not always a given when we only play each other.

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Combat Commander takes the field again

Been a bloody awful month for wargaming overall (roll on retirement in July !) but managed a set of three games of Combat Commander tonight with my Dad.
The scenarios were from a set of WBC 2009 Tournament games.
First up saw my Dad with Germans as usual in Normandy against Yanks.
A narrow win for the Germans as Sudden Death saw game end with 2 German VPs mainly due to relentless Time triggers.
Second game had some Elite Ivans against his Nazis in Germany 1945 with Fascists hampered by a 2 Action hand.
Judicious (and somewhat lucky) use of Smoke Grenades saw Ivan Assault units thump into a building defended with Bunkers with Satchel Charges and Flamethrowers chewing up SS and lesser defenders for an easy Russian win.
Last game had French in 1940 facing Teds again.
Bloody French hand discard of one is very frustrating and the Germans were able to pick of a key VP location early on and again a quick march to Sudden Death roll saw them win.
Great stuff with a great game.

I also took plunge on latest iteration of the Combat Commander system
Great War Commander and look forward to its arrival despite the lack of British in initial release !!!

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Wild Blue Yonder again

Another session with WBY with my Dad.

First up I had early Spitfire MkIIv ersus early ME109e with Spits winning 3 of 5.
Next it was ME109G up against my YAK5 with ME winning 2 of 2
Then I used La5 against the ME109G with Ivan planes winning 2 vs 1

Great fast play little card game

Monday, January 14, 2019

Wild Blue Yonder first try

Managed first gaming session of new year at last !
Game of Wild Blue Yonder with my Dad, well to be exact several dogfights played
Nice to have two separate but identical Action Decks as probably main change from older Down In Flames games.
However my deck seemed to throw out a stream of useless cards whilst my Dads Luftwaffe had a bottomless pit and of Aces, Engine hits (fatal to single engine fighters), Fuel Tank hits (more auto destruction) and even Out Of The Sun cards with 4 hits !
The FW190A was a beast with extra bursts and a potent Wingman (3 offence and defence rating) downing Spitfires, Yak 3s, P38s and P47s in quick succession.
This is big plus to this game the quick fire dogfights and variety of aircraft.
We must try one of the new enhanced Campaigns