Thursday, December 24, 2015

A game at last !!!!!

Not much time for wargaming of late but did mamage to arrange a game this Christmas Eve with Stephen.
We used Battlegroup Fall Of The Reich for a quick encounter game (both using 750pts worth of troops) with my Germans versus Russians.
I had 3 Panthers,  a Stug IIIg, a Puma and a mix of Inexperienced Volksgrenadiers and Veteran Fallschirmjager with 120mm Mortar support off table.
The Ivans fielded 9 T34/85 (yikes) plus 2 Infantry Platoons with some Scout elements/
I set up a fairly terrain dense table and we then diced for sides as per generic scenarios.

Two timed barrages by Russians pretty much decided the game as a Katayusha and then a 122mm Barrage landed on edge of my deployment zone destroying/routing 4 Infantry Squads an FOO (!!!!!) and 2 Panthers (!!!!!!!!!!!).
We decided that these laser accurate Timed Stonks are just too powerful for the scale of the game and will in future disallow them (unless a special scenario feature) sticking with Mortars and single Additional Fire Missions, defenders will have maximum of two Pre-registered Targets.
Other house rules we are sticking with are ignoring the Ammo rules for AFVs (unless a Low Ammo counter is drawn) and using the 'Bren' rules for inherent German squad MG34/42s.

Great to get a game in at last.

Also managed to acquire another set of rules :-)

Thursday, December 10, 2015


Gaming time pretty limited of late (boo hoo with knobs on) but I have managed to sate the 'rules bug' somewhat.
Of course no time to try any of these !!

And a couple of interesting PDFs from Too Fat Lardies stable