Saturday, May 23, 2020

Rauary - Panzer Grenadier Deluxe further action

Another couple of turns played.
D Brown replied to my crop field query and would now class as -1 Hindrance (as I thought).
Whilst this has an impact on scenario from early version it does seem more in keeping with historical terrain especially at the level of PzGr.

German inching forward slowly and are beginning to turn British right.
An M10 troop emerged from Rauray (reserves inside released on Turn 4) but was whacked by a Panther.
British have now lost 2 of 3 6pdrs (only the Ambush unit remains) and these failed to destroy anything bar the single PzIV.
British Infantry losses are double those of Germans and their Artillery has been very poor in its effect thus far (mostly Suppression or no effect !).

British defenders on Point 110 exposed and under pressure

Panther dominate approaches to Rauray (British tanks hidden within)

British center under attack

As Platoon on British right is outflanked

Overview of the struggle

German Company trying to turn British right

Suppressed German units after British 'stonk'

Panthers unscathed

Shermans hiding in town as M10 burns

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Rauray - Panzer Grenadier Deluxe more play

Another session today and Germans pushing forward despite loss of a PzIV and some Infantry.
British have lost a 6pdr (after it failed twice to hit a Panther with APDS) and a Section.

However this being a 1st edition I am bit confused as to how to class the crop fields under Deluxe (query posted on rules forum).
Originally Inf/Gun units in crop fields were only spottable at 2” with caveat that their were some limits to number of Hidden units.
Under deluxe crops can be high (2” spotting and block LOS) or waist high (clear LOS but -1 to hit).
Makes a big difference, am inclined (from photos of battle) to count as the hinderance type but this might unbalance scenario.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Vassal session with the 4 Barrs and A Distant Plain

Another session with family via Vassal of A Distant Plain.
This our third go with this excellent game and the Main 5 Propaganda card scenario.
Completed 2 Propaganda rounds thus far and honours pretty even.

Rauray - Panzer Grenadier Deluxe - Turn 1

Managed to play one turn of Rauray scenario today.
One or two minor issues arose with scenario as it was written for 1st Edition of the rules (Deluxe is Version 3) but I just house ruled and started the game.

Germans have advanced on table enmass on turn 1 laying a Smoke screen around Point 110.
A dug in 6pdr is 'Ambush Hidden' and opened up on an advancing PzIV forcing it to Disengage Suppressed.
A second 6pdr opened up on a Panther with APDS but missed and is now spotted.
On table 3" mortars laid a 'stonk' on a PzGr Platoon Suppressing 2 out of the 4 Stands.
But Brits failed to make contact with off-table support.
Germans managed to spot a couple of entrenched British Sections in the corn fields.

British mortars land

Smoke masks Point 110

Germans suffer Suppressions

Panthers loom large

Supported by Grenadiers

PzIVs on left

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Rauray 1944 - Panzer Grenadier Deluxe scenario set up

Set up Rauray scenario for Panzer Grenadier Deluxe rules (a favoured set of mine) today.
Not maybe the best scenario for solo play with so many hidden defenders (but hey that is tactical WW2 for you) but planning to replay with a couple of different rule sets over next lot of days, although impending bout of good weather here in NI will likely dash such hopes.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Vassal ongoing PBEM games

Still playing a couple of PBEM games via Vassal (such an asset).

The Dark Valley (this has been in progress for couple of years now !) has reached January 1944 and something of a stalemate.
Germans (Mike) never really got close to any major objectives (Kiev only) but have therefore a lot of strength on Eastern Front which the Russians (me) are having problems breaking down despite being at full OOB.

Just started a game of No Peace Without Spain (been several years since I played this) as Bourbons.
Alliance (Prezmek) has launched Marlborough at Liege on first turn but was repulsed.
Bourbons (me) have responded by activating Bavarians to capture Ulm and French have taken Trier.
Early days in this one.

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Vassal - more merry Sunday evening mayhem with Combat Commander

Another session with Dad on Vassal with Combat Commander.
We are now into the Mediterranean expansion completing the action at Meleme with a NZ victory over Dads Fallschirmjager and played an action on Poland 1939 with a very narrow win for my Poles.
Set up another for next week with my Soviets about to be assaulted by Romanian force.

Friday, May 15, 2020

Eisdorf - Field of Battle concluded

Managed to finish of this solo test of FOB3 with the Russians very narrowly being forced to yield the field.
French managed to continue recovery from dire straits but only just.
They managed to Rally several units including restoring hits something the Russians failed to do.
Russians sat with no Morale chips (which effects Rally attempts) for several card draws but did pass their first Army Morale test but not their second (rolling equal) so were defeated.

As ever (even with Pdf version) FOB gave a great solo game experience.
Fundamentally FOB3 is as per FOB2 but with enough differences to require re-learning.
I must try to remember (ie read the cards !) that units can potentially Maneuver on Leadership cards now as old Maneuver card has gone, I think I might have forgotten this once or twice.

Hoping when rules and decks arrive to launch into Seasons Of Battle with a Seven Years War background to try to learn this system.

Eisdorf - Field of Battle - at crunch point

Played another session of FOB3 with Eisdorf scenario and such a lot of action occurred !
In true Piquet fashion the action has ebbed and flowed for both sides.
French central Brigade pushed against Eisdorf but were bloodily rebuffed with 4 out of 6 Battalions being Routed at one stage.
However they have managed to restore order to all but one with judicious use of Daring Deeds.
However McDonald has had to take over direct Command as Brigadier fell in battle whilst 'waving his hat' to inspire troops.
This cause French Morale pool to drop to nothing and it looked like a sure victory for Russia especially as French left flank Brigade has been very slow to move !
But the fortunes of war are fickle and the Russians under Wurttemberg failed to capitalize on their advantage and have now lost all their Morale as well, and also lost a 'waving hat' Brigadier !
Despite the arrival of the Russian Grenadier Brigade the outcome is literally on a knife edge.
Neither side has turned a potentially 'fatal' Army Morale card but bound to happen.

The ability of units to recover from Rout is enhanced in FOB3 especially with the risky Daring Deeds ability.

Couple of minor FOB2 things I need to unlearn, such as the UI system as units now destroyed on being lowered to zero instead of Routing.

Still not enamoured with using a PDF but refuse to print off with actual rules inbound (when however is unknown although some US chaps have theirs ?)